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Best AA Flashlight

Discussion in 'Flashlights & Other Illumination Devices' started by Nirenn, Jun 3, 2011.

    Nirenn Loaded Pockets

    I've been using a Nitecore D10 for just over a year now, and it's really been everywhere with me, from rebuilding computers in England to hiking in Canada.

    I prefer AA flashlights simply because the batteries are so much easier to get ahold of, especially in more remote areas.

    What are some decent AA flashlights around today? I'd like something more powerful and with a longer battery life than my trusty D10

    Red Horn Loaded Pockets

    Really depends on the specific characteristics you desire. For a pocket thrower JetBeam's Jet-I Pro is a solid choice. The 4Sevens
    Quark lights are of great value and tend to have more of a flood type beam. If you are looking for added output then a Pila IBC charger and an AW 14500 Li-Ion cell will take care of that. IMO a Li-Ion backed up by a Lithium Energizer is a great combo. You
    can always just slap in whatever AA is available in extreme situations. Your D10 is a great light in itself. I started my light addiction with a Nitecore NEX.

    Tavarua Empty Pockets

    If you are willing to use 2 AA's then I would suggest looking at the Fenix LD20 or a 4Sevens AA^2. Both can be had for around $60 or less.

    Edit: Changed 123^2 to AA^2.

    TrickyVic Loaded Pockets

    I highly recommend the Zebralight SC51.

    Red Horn Loaded Pockets

    +1. Overlooked ZL's. One of their headlights in combination with a high quality hand held AA covers a lot of bases.

    Spydermonkey Loaded Pockets

    4Seven Quark Tactical in either 1 or 2xAA

    Rawls Loaded Pockets

    There are two problems: 1) the energy density of an AA battery limits the lumen output below what newer emitters are capable of producing (that is, switching to a CR123a batteries will give you much great output); and 2) because the eye can only perceive LARGE jumps in lumens, your D10 may be worth sticking with, for now. In other words, the AA format does not produce a light that is SO MUCH brighter than your current light that you may not be able to see much of a difference.

    All of the lights above are great. If you can find a Liteflux single AA, that is a really nice light, as is the semi-custom DST AA.

    nuphoria Loaded Pockets

    I totally agree with Rawls - going RCR123 was well worth the leap for me! You can get an EX10 (or the newer EX11.2) if you want something you are familiar and happy with.

    The last AA I had was the Fenix LD10 which is also a great light.
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    Gryffin Loaded Pockets

    True, the trusty rusty ol' alkaline AA has it's limitations. But there are ways around that, without giving up the ubiquity of AA cells.

    My "bag light" is a 4Sevens Quark AA Tactical, loaded with an AA-sized 14500 lithium ion cell, which gives me similar performance and runtime as a rechargeable CR123A. Of course, I also carry a coupla spare 14500s, but as a last resort, I also keep a pair of Energizer Lithium cells in a spare 2xAA body in the "Oh Crap" pocket of the bag; going to 2xAA gives me the same performance as the 14500, just in a somewhat larger package. If even the Energizers run out, I can scrounge AA alkaline cells from just about anywhere. Between the Quark and assorted backup lights and cells in the house, office, truck and motorcycle, I'll be the last guy to run outta light.

    Another of my favorite small lights is the JETBeam RRT-0. It's normally a CR123A light, but I have the optional AA adapter, and like the Quark, normally run it on a 14500. If I run outta 14500s, it still works quite well on a single AA alkaline, but I also have the option of removing the adapter and using CR123A or RCR123 cells.

    Can you tell I like to keep my options open when it comes to flashlight fuel? ;{)

    N1XIO Loaded Pockets

    As many have stated, using a light that had multiple power sources is the best way to go. I use the Maratac AA Extreme with a 14500 rechargeable lithium battery. I back it up with a Lithium AA battery. And in a pinch I can use any AA, if needed. I Also Carry my spare 14500 in my Maratac AA. I keep it on low/med power so as not to overheat it. ( on high you could boil water )

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    jag-engr Semper Bufo!

    I say to wait for the new 4sevens Preon ReVO AA - it will be more efficient than most AA lights on the market, as well as one of the smallest AA lights on the market. It is designed to only run on AA alkaline, NiMH, or L91 cells.

    tmedina EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Dunno about more powerful - I like my AA lights as simple and as uncomplicated as possible:

    Fenix E21, Fenix E10, Energizer Romeo vest light, MiniMag 3-AA LED (when you get a decent LED)


    ecksdog Loaded Pockets

    I spent the last 5 hours searching and researching this topic on the net. That said, I just ordered a Fenix LD15 from Amazon for $39 bucks.
    My reasons: It got great reviews, simple reliable construction, the option of high output or low output (long runtime), it has no skull crusher, sharp edges or clips to bother me with pocket carry, and it was priced lower than many hi-performance small lights.
    Hope this helps.

    Russ Prechtl EDC Junkie!!!!!

    +100 on the Zebralight SC51. I also really like the DST TLR Titanium.

    tmedina EDC Junkie!!!!!

    I suppose I should clarify: I default to CR123 flashlights for power and the "tactical" applications.

    The AA flashlights are my daily work, general use and backup lights. As such, I focus on simplicity, reliability and run time.


    glockboy Loaded Pockets

    Zebralight SC51 and some Eneloops.
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    Gryffin Loaded Pockets

    Roger that. I have a sizable stock of CR123A cells and some serious high-output lights for WTSHTF, but for daily EDC, it's 14500/AA all the way. And heck, even if THSHTF, those lights will make great backups for the big honkin' tactical lights.

    archimedes EDC Junkie!!!

    Might want to take a look at Peak El Capitan. Very tough, especially in stainless steel. Safe to run 14500 LiIon, as well as the usual AA alkaline/lithium primaries or NiMH cells.
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    TARFU EDC!!!!! Junkie

    Wow, the Zebralight SC51 puts out 200 lumens on a regular AA battery?!# That's really impressive.

    pistolsnipe Loaded Pockets

    if you have an xr-e d10 then modding to an xml might be an easy option