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Benchmade Mini Barrage 585 Review & Pics

Discussion in 'Gear Reviews' started by azntony85, Apr 8, 2009.

    azntony85 Empty Pockets

    This is my first review so bare with me. I have a mini Griptilian and wanted something a little more beefy. When I was looking into prices for the regular sized Griptilian, I stumbled over the Benchmade Barrage. I did some youtube searching and saw a few videos about the knife, including some personal reviews as well as SHOT show presentations. After some research I decided to buy the Mini Barrage with partially serrated blade. When you first hold the knife, it is about the same weight as the Mini Griptilian, maybe a tad heavier. The knife's weight makes it feel sturdy. A constant complaint about the handle was the "cheap feel" plastic. I thought the plastic felt fine, besides the fact that it does not have anywhere close to the grip as the Griptilian. As you open the blade, the snap it makes when opening is extremely beefy! The blade opens and demands respect from its operator. Although it takes a LOT more pressure to close the blade due to its resistance from the assisted open spring, the blade locks securely with a thumb switch. The knife CAN be opened when the operator slide the axis lock back and flick their wrist, but needs a strong wrist snap. I don't recommend doin this bc the spring is very strong, and if you dont have a firm grip on the handle, the knife will fly off your hand. I just got the knife today and will be updating this review if I find anything else worth mentioning. Let me know if you guys have questions!

    I liked:
    - Assisted opening
    - Axis lock
    - It has a blade locking feature where it can lock the blade when its opened or closed
    - 154CM blade
    - It has a less than 3" blade
    - pocket clip is matte black
    - steel-lined handle
    - And its a BENCHMADE!

    I dislike:
    - You cannot close the blade with one hand
    - It's a little bit thicker than the Griptilian
    - the pointed arrow design on clip
    - Clip's finish seems to scratch easily
    - NO jimping at all on the entire blade
    - Handle is a bit slippery

    Mini Barrage on TOP, Mini Griptilian on BOTTOM

    UrbanEDC Loaded Pockets

    Thanks for the review, I've been curious about this knife.

    I'm due for a passaround in the benchmade forums right now too.

    How do you like it compared to the Mini-Grip? If you could do it
    over again, would you buy another Grip or go for the Barrage?

    I seem to like all the features you mentioned too except for the fact
    that it is difficult to close one-handed and the plastic scales seem
    slick. But as a first-year production knife, I'm sure this will be changed
    in upcoming years. At least, I hope so!

    azntony85 Empty Pockets

    Tough question on if I would pick the regular Griptilian if I knew the performance of the Barrage. I think I would still pick the Barrage. The reason being is that the barrage is different. Yea, it doesn't close with one hand, but its has different features, thats why different knives sell. I would pick the barrage bc of its different features to add to my knife collection.

    zshiner Loaded Pockets

    Yeah - but the open is phenomenal. I just got my Barrage and it it without a doubt is my favorite knife.

    I do agree about the clip ... it kind of pings your hand when you are spreading it to go on your pocket.


    BoxANT Empty Pockets

    If they made the Barrage in G10, that would be awesome :)

    vic2367 Loaded Pockets

    thanks for the review

    Alann45 Empty Pockets

    Since I'm considering getting a 580 or 585 I was searching the forums for comments. The number of reports (most in the Benchmade forums) of failure of the spring assist were troubling. After trying to find more info by other routes I called BM last week (7/15/09). The person I talked to did acknowledge there was (past tense) a known problem with the springs and the problem had been corrected. Anything shipping from them currently should be fine. 580/5s from any dealer who turns his stock rapidly should also be fine.
    Now I guess I'll wait awhile and see if there are many more reports of problems.

    Hopefully anyone who has problems with recently shipped items will let us know.

    zshiner Loaded Pockets

    Pull the trigger - you'll never look back.

    Without a doubt the 585 is my favorite knife.