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Benchmade 940 Osborne

Discussion in 'Knives' started by Sigfús, Sep 22, 2012.


Your opinion on the Benchmade 940

Love it 38 vote(s) 88.4%
Hate it 1 vote(s) 2.3%
Just kinda soso 4 vote(s) 9.3%

    Sigfús Loaded Pockets

    So what do you guys think about the Benchmade Osborne i think its going to be my next purchase but i really want to get some good input by you guys especially those who own it or have got it in hand.

    I really like the looks of it and looking at reviews on youtube it is said to be a really good knife

    But look at this... Awesome too bad its a sprint run

    Sigfús Jónsson
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    Lightnig Loaded Pockets

    The Benchmade 94# series is one of the best daily carry/use knives out there, bar none.

    Slim, light, strong, cuts like nobody's business, completely non-tactical, and reliable as all get out.

    I have carried one in a couple of different forms many times and they never let me down (nor do I think they ever would). If the reverse Tanto blade style is not to your liking, a 943 with the clip point blade (and black handle) may suit better.

    My 940


    My 943 (With customized Bradley Alias II)


    To be honest, if a 940 were the only knife I could ever own for the rest of my life, I don't think I would complain about it.
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    Lightnig Loaded Pockets

    and if green and black aren't quite to taste, check out this link to one man's 94# collection as posted on Benchmade's Facebook page.

    Most all are out of production and only available on the secondary market, but if you can't find one to suit then there is something seriously wrong... ;)

    Sigfús Loaded Pockets

    Thanks.. As it happens the reverse tanto is exactly to my liking i think it just looks sick.
    by the way nice photos and nice blades thumbs up for the alias 2 aswell

    Sigfús Loaded Pockets

    Whoa.. thats a big collection. thanks

    Lightnig Loaded Pockets

    Thanks :)

    olletsocmit Banned

    Get one

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    billybogota Loaded Pockets

    I've got a 950 Rift (plain edge/charcoal G10) that was my daily driver for a long time, until I got a Bradley Alias 2 from the Forum Store--I have zero complaints about 940/950 style of knives, and I beat the crap out of mine.

    Sigfús Loaded Pockets

    how does the bradley compare to the osborne? is it that much better?
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    billybogota Loaded Pockets

    I don't know about "better"--I'm not a knife guru or blademaster. I will say the Benchmade will probably be rotated to work-only carry, and the Alias 2 will be my off-duty carry. Both me and my job are hard on my knives, and I don't want to be tempted into prying open ammo crate wires or poking about in a HMMWV engine with my Alias. I've always wanted a Ti-scaled knife, and was moving towards cutting weight in my EDC--Jon threw the Alias 2 up in the Store, and it fit my requirements. Also, I really like the blue accents worked into the knife--not a usual sticking point for me, but caught my eye. Overall, it just depends on what you intend to do with the knife on a daily basis--I carried a big Strider folder for the longest time because I was always in the field, whacking away at something, prying things with my knife that I shouldn't, and various other improper knife uses--I took the Strider with me instead of other folders because I knew it would be heavily abused, could take it, and wouldn't need a whole lot of love to maintain. YMMV--like I said, I'm not a knife guru, but if you're not beating the holy hell out of your knives on the regular, you can lean towards some of the more asthetic designs and not worry about it too much.
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    MedusaOblongata Loaded Pockets

    The 94X series are all great knives. Personally, I prefer the clip point blade, but that's just personal preference. Mine is a 941D2CF, and I don't think it will ever leave my collection. It's a slim, light weight knife with a comfortable grip and an excellent lock, that doesn't take up much pocket space, but has enough reach for most EDC cutting tasks. It's a good looking knife with good ergonomics. Definitely a good choice.

    Lightnig Loaded Pockets

    Better in what regard?

    They are completely different knives.

    The 950 is a reverse Tanto blade with an Axis lock and G-10 scales. The Alias is Ti Framelock with a spearpoint blade.

    950 (BMK Forum knife with M4 and CF handle)

    Alias I

    By the way, the 950 is a bit of a beast compared to a 940...
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    shrap Loaded Pockets

    The 940 (and 930) is a strange beast by Benchmade's standards. It is so thin, light, pointy and non-tactical that it is barely comparable to anything else they made.

    Look at Lightnig's photo - look at the width of the blade and handle compared to the others.
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    jest3886 Loaded Pockets

    The best thing I like about the 940 is the reverse tanto shape, weight and speed of blade deployment. It's not spring assisted but it is so balanced that the blade jumps out when deployed. I like the 940 so much I've been looking at the 950 rift.I know its bigger but is it a smooth opener like the 940 and what's the weight like? I haven't handled one and its hard to get a feel for it just by reading the stats from benchmade.

    Flying Dutchman Loaded Pockets

    I just got my 940 last week and couldn't be happier. I have never spent more than $70 on just a folding knife (I've spent more on a Multi, but that has always been more justifiable) so this was a big jump for me. This knife is lightweight, strong, extremely fast, sharp, and so far very reliable. The pocket clip is very strong, and the knife hides in my pocket well with just enough of the butt exposed to draw it easily. AXIS locks are amazing and you will really enjoy it if you haven't had one before. I have only used my lock to open and close the knife, I rarely use the thumbstud. The balance of this knife is great. I also like how the knife is not tactical or scary looking, but just plain cool. Large enough to handle many tasks, but not large enough to freak out the public.

    I did have to tighten the pivot screw a few times to eliminate blade play, which tightens up the deployment considerably, but I am confident once the knife is completely broken in this will not be an issue. The purple backspacer is bright, but I got over it before the day was over :)
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    Dubya Loaded Pockets

    When the 940 came out years ago, I lusted after it but just couldn't make myself spend $125 (at the time) on a pocketknife. Last year I finally bought one for $175 and was thrilled. Still by far my favorite knife.

    Lightnig Loaded Pockets

    The 940/1/3 is definitely in a class of it's own, there really is nothing else quite like it. there are others that are styled similar (like the 950), but nothing quite matches it.

    The 940 does feel a bit small to some (the handle in particular), and they will often gravitate towards a Rift or Contego from what I have seen. But unless you are looking for a big knife, the 940 will more than serve the purpose.

    But to answer your question jest, the 950 is considerably larger than the 940 and a bit heavier too. Plus I don't think my Rifts (I've got 2) are as smooth or quick to open as my 940's. Not only that, but the Rifts blade is only a fraction of an inch longer on the cutting edge...
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    mikespike2 Loaded Pockets

    Don't take what Lightnig said lightly - the 950 is a beast! The knife is considerably thicker and more stout also. It does sit very deep in your pocket which I do like. No comparison to the 940! I have both and they each serve their purpose. If you are getting the 940 for the SV blade, be sure to confirm it will have one. Apparently they didn't used to, and I must have gotten old stock. The purple/violet divider plate is a bit out of place on the green body but I still dig it.

    The weight and feel of the 950 is nice too. I really like the blade shape. The 940 blade action is sooo smooth though.

    The 940 is seriously thin, you should get one. At the end of the day I think you would carry it more.

    mwoj Loaded Pockets

    I love it but can't afford it. :cry:

    olletsocmit Banned

    I actually went to buy one yesterday but when I got there and played with one, learned that wasn't assisted like I thought it was. It did not open as easily as I wanted it to with one hand. I honestly still like my benchmade 913 better. I am just going to wait a couple months and just get a strider instead. No need for eight cheaper nice when you can just get two good ones. I was very disappointed I really thought I would've liked this Knife

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