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Belts with hidden compartments

Discussion in 'EDC Clothing' started by RyanMalpiede, Nov 1, 2006.

    RyanMalpiede Loaded Pockets

    destroythealter Empty Pockets

    I'd love to buy one but I can't find the actual belt on site to purchase it, do you have a link?

    Edwood Loaded Pockets

    Woooo. I like that one much better. Not a fan of wearing "tactical" belts all the time.


    Bullzaye Loaded Pockets

    I don't know about buckles to hide other things, but here's a knife "hidden" in a belt buckle. There are others, but this is the best one I've seen. I actually own one and carry it occasionally.


    Or there's always this:


    Obviously you need to use caution and consideration when wearing either of these.

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    Underhill Perpetually Hungry

    I really like the look of this one here.

    I want something with smooth black leather, and a more modern look with a square head. And at 1.375inches wide, it's narrower than the other ones I've seen (just spend 20minutes doing a yahoo search...)

    I don't suppose anyone has one of these? Any other suggestions?

    Dizos Loaded Pockets

    Strange, I can't find any pictures of the completely assembled belt at Bowen Knife on their site. There are pictures of the knives, and just the belts, but not of the complete belt/buckle assembly.

    Bullzaye Loaded Pockets

    I agree, it is odd that they have no pictures of the assembled belt on their website. In any case, I did find this:
    There are some decent pics, and a bit of background about the knife. IMO, the knife/belt actually looks better than in these pictures. Something they mention here that I hadn't noticed on the website, they apparently offer a money belt option as well.
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    Underhill Perpetually Hungry

    Well, I just ordered a Tilly premium moneybelt.

    I'll post when it arrives, which might be a while since size 32 is a special order and requires an additional 5-8 days to ship :(

    Brangdon Loaded Pockets

    I have a B17 from Western Belt, although I think the belt itself is made by Aker. It is plain black with black stitching so looks unremarkable. The pocket is slightly narrower than the Magellen's belt I had before, but the Magallen's had a plastic buckle that broke. These are thin, normal-looking belts, rather than the kind that have a wide purse hanging from them.

    In general I think money belts are a great way to carry additional EDC, especially in summer. In mine I currently have:
    • Some paper money.
    • A short length of ferro rod.
    • Some tinder card.
    • A hacksaw blade.
    • 7 water purification tablets.
    • 3 Rubber bands.
    • 2 safety pins.
    • 1 paper clip.
    In other belts I've squeezed in a 1 litre ziplock plastic bag and a P51 tin-opener, but there really wasn't room in this one. You can see this is more survival/preparedness oriented rather than stuff that I use every day; that's partly because I find the belt rather hard to get at. I wouldn't use it for daily spending money.

    Stutoffee Loaded Pockets

    I bought a narrow military-style webbing belt with one of those solid roll-pin buckles on it, as an afterthought at a sports store. It had a zip-closed compartment for money, documents etc (if folded thin & narrow) & tbh just forgot it was a money belt.
    I was flying out of Palma Airport in Mallorca, took my belt off to put in the tray with watch, wallet, loose change etc before going through the metal detector & the guards eyes lit up when he saw a belt with a "hidden compartment!"
    He was soon disapointed though, coz there was nowt in it!! Im more careful where I wear it now.

    kamkazmoto Empty Pockets

    If you are really worried about concealment you will find that after a while most of the belts with zippers will print i.e. show where the zipper is , on the front side of the belt.

    Sharpdogs Uber Prepared

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    Underhill Perpetually Hungry

    Got my Tilly money belt the other day and I'm very impressed. Feels nice, looks nice, and does it's job well :)

    Thinking about getting dad one for Christmas now...

    kamkazmoto Empty Pockets

    A knife like that will get you in a lot of trouble in California. Please be careful and check your local regulations.

    Clancy Loaded Pockets

    I recall seeing a sword that was concealed in a belt, it was a bunch of flat links (think a sword chopped up into a bunch of 1 inch pieces) and a cable going through a hole in the center of them all. when pulled out some sort of switch would put enough tension on the cable to tighten up the blade.
    It was in an issue of blade or tactical knives a while back, it looked pretty nice too, with all the segment lines.