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Bags, bags, bags, bags, bags... how many do you have and what needs do they fill?

Discussion in 'EDC Bags' started by carrot, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Thomas Chagrin

    Thomas Chagrin Loaded Pockets

    Aug 8, 2015
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    ^ Love the tactical shopping mentions! So perfect. :-D
  2. rodia77

    rodia77 Loaded Pockets

    Mar 30, 2013
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    Hi, has the jury come back in yet? When you say 'nothing like a 5.11', you mean style or quality? (I like the style as a change from my current military/outdoorsy gear, but I'd like to hear about the quality). Thanks!
  3. Thomas Chagrin

    Thomas Chagrin Loaded Pockets

    Aug 8, 2015
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    To be honest, I haven't used it at all. And yes I do mean style and quality. Well, quality seems good enough. The features and way it's used are just totally different than the usual tactical packs. I also like the style as a change, but I need to force myself to start using it. Sorry that I'm not much help with the info. :-(
  4. camporama

    camporama Loaded Pockets

    Oct 13, 2015
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    I hate to quote an old post, but have you looked at the 34L GR2? It is the same height as the GR1.
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  5. T Shrapnel-Carruthers

    T Shrapnel-Carruthers Loaded Pockets

    Jul 17, 2015
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    Despite selling a couple of bags recently, I still have too many. The cull must go on!

    I have five bags that are used regularly, alone or in combination:
    1. Laptop bag (Incase): usually used as a sleeve inside a larger bag, sometimes alone
    2. Briefcase, large (Tumi): main workday bag, usually with #1 inside; looking a bit beaten now
    3. Wheeled carry-on, large (Tumi): 1-2 week trips, #1 can slip in outside pocket
    4. Camera bag, medium (Domke): camera + 3-4 spare lenses, filters, etc.
    5. Camera backpack (Pacsafe): EDC non-work bag, can fit camera +2-3 lenses and #1 fits into the laptop pocket
    Depending upon the situation one or more these may be used
    • Briefcase, small (Tumi): can’t carry much, mostly used for interviews as much smarter than #1
    • Tote bag, large (Tumi): 1-2 day trip, instead of #2 above
    • Tote bag, large (Maxpedition): gear bag for holiday trips
    • Wheeled carry-on, small ( ): rarely used
    • Wheeled carry-on, medium (Tumi): 2-3 day trips on airlines with tight luggage gauges, instead of #2
    • Wheeled bag, medium (Samsonite): 1-2 week trips, usually leisure
    • Wheeled bag, large (Samsonite): 1-2 week trips, usually leisure
    • Suitcase, large (Samsonite) x3: shared amongst family, rarely used these days
    • Camera bag, small (Domke): camera + 1 spare lens, rarely used
    • Camera bag, large (Domke): this was my first Dome but size encourages me to carry too much; now home to assorted flashes & triggers
    • Camera backpack (Lowepro): when full set of camera gear needed, especially if has to be carried a long way
    Still to be sold
    • Camera backpack (Thinktank): superceded by Pacsafe
    • Tumi wheeled briefcase, bought to save strain on shoulder but pulling extra weight did as much damage
    • Victorinox wheeled briefcase, better than above but still not better than simply carrying #2
    Five regular use bags
    Ten alternatives
    Three to be sold (and probably a few others lurking in dark corners of the attic)
  6. Redneck Bear

    Redneck Bear Loaded Pockets

    Feb 26, 2015
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    For me, it is

    • UTG Jumbo clone in some sand color
    • Rapdom T311 Messenger bag in dark earth
    • 35 litre camera bag "Kata DR-i467" in black
    • 50 litre hiking bag Willard Birch in black
    • some noname small bicycle backpack (say 10 litres) in black
    • plus some beat up noname bag for short dirty work (cca 20 litres) in some sand color variation
    Mostly I use the UTG (going with dog), Rapdom (work and school stuff) and Willard (hiking, going down the river, going to cottage).

    I also have ordered a 20 litre MOLLE bag "Tactical Pro 20 III" and am looking forward to it ... :)
  7. dcmassena

    dcmassena Loaded Pockets

    Sep 6, 2012
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    Current bags-
    • Osprey/Moosjaw Estaban - this is my EDC bag right now. I like it because is is non military and light weight. It has fantastic organization.
    • Goruck Bullet 15L - former EDC bag
    • Tom Bihn Synapse25 - My old work bag when I carried a Mac Book pro. My son uses this at college now.
    • North Face Recon - hiking bag, day trip bag, travel bag.
    • Vanquest Javelin - camera bag
    • Goruck GR1 21L - On order, should be here next week. Possibly the "one" bag that will make me get rid of every other bag. Haha...as if. Likely this will become my get home/bug out bag. Yes is it only 21L, but that is big enough for a change of clothes, an MRE and some essentials that could get me home from where ever I might get stranded while adventuring around my immediate area.
    • Bespoke overnight bag - Nice canvas and leather bag used for overnight stayovers while on trips with my lady.
    Old bags that I've sold-
    • TAD Litespeed V1
    • TAD Litespeed V2
  8. Gaulois

    Gaulois Loaded Pockets

    Apr 5, 2015
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    Bless me Saint Cordura, for I have sinned...I had the occasion to purchase a new bag, and did it...a bag whose utility is already given to me by 3 others...but it was a Camelbak HAWG old gen, I couldn't resist, those are very hard to find in Europe now :p

    Which left me with these current EDC bags:

    -Camelbak MULE (old gen) ACU
    -Camelbak MULE (old gen) Woodland
    -Camelbak HAWG (old gen) Coyote brown
    -Camelbak Motherlode (old gen) OD
    -Camelbak BFM (old gen) Coyote brown
    -Camelbak BFM (old gen) Foliage green

    -5.11 Rush 12 Black
    -Direct action Dragon egg Kryptek Highlander

    You can see, my heart goes essentially to Camelbak, but the Rush 12 in black color was motivated by the need of a low-profile bag for urban issues, and the Dragon egg comes from the fact that I LOVE Kryptek pattern. The Foliage greened BFM was my primary bag in the military and is still a great companion for more than 24h trips. Other bags are used depending on the need, of course. Having purchased very recently the HAWG, it's my main EDC bag of the moment.

    By the way, French army provided me also several bags, from the little one using for class in basic training, to the 100 liters model used on the field. I'm one among many that knew the old army equipements and were given new stuff at some point of their career.
    I own 6 of those Army-issued bagpacks. But whatever the size, I never use them in everyday's life, they aren't discreet enough, or too fragile, or too uncomfortable.
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  9. dischu

    dischu Loaded Pockets

    Dec 16, 2015
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    I´m using more or less frequently ...

    Shoulder / messenger bags:
    • Eastpack Chaos (small discontinued shoulder bag)
    • Crumpler Shrinky Dink (small discontinued messenger back)
    • Crumpler Wonder Weenie (midsize discontinued messenger back)
    • Crumpler Sophisticator (discontinued laptop shoulder bag)
    • Dicota TopTraveler Comfort 15-15.6 (other laptop shoulder back for work)
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  10. Cpl Ledanek

    Cpl Ledanek Loaded Pockets

    Jun 25, 2013
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    Bug Out Bag (Tactical Tailor Modular)
    Every Day Carry (Mystery Ranch 3DAP)
    Get Back Home Bag (Tactical Tailor EROP)
  11. Caleb

    Caleb Loaded Pockets

    Mar 14, 2016
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    Maxpedition Kodiak GS/Foliage: Everday-work-computer bag(Been with me a while. Very handy. Very durable. One shoulder carry limits its uses)
    Spec-Ops THE Pack/Foliage: Work and family travel-air travel carry-on(this pack is as old as foliage green is and is the hardest used pack I have)
    Kifaru 14'r/Coyote: Hiking-hunting-meat hauling-international carry-on-snowboarding (best pack ever)
    Mystery Ranch Tri-zip Overload/Foliage: Big load hauling to spike camp/multi-night expeditions(over 8 pounds empty so....)
    Kifaru Duffels, large(multicam), med(coyote), XS(multicam): Everything in between/road travel(awesome, simple duffels)
    Mystery Ranch 3DAP/Black: Unassigned(great pack that's been through hell and back, just been replaced by the 14'r for most duties)
    Kifaru Urban Zippy/multicam: Misc local EDC(I've tried to love this pack, but I have trouble)
    Spec-Ops THE EDC/OD: Misc local EDC(Great little pack. I'm a Spec-Ops fan but this pack always limits me on space.)
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  12. akh_405

    akh_405 Empty Pockets

    Aug 12, 2016
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    TAD EDC, Prev. Gen., Foliage - Most comfortable to carry, used mainly for hiking trips

    LBT-9031C, Multicam - Also very comfortable to carry, alternative hiking pack

    MSM Adapt Pack, Ranger Green - Used to be my book bag for college

    Hazard 4 Sidewinder, Black - Intended to be my bugout bag

    Camelbak UA - My primary carry for the office

    LBX Titan Pack 2.0, MAS Grey - It was on sale and I LOVE MAS Grey

    Goruck GR2, 40L - Always used for my travels

    Zulu Nylon Gear Indy Satchel - Primary EDC when going minimalist

    Filson Work Bag, Mustard-ish Yellow. - A graduation gift from a dear friend

    Blackhawk Messenger, Foliage - Used to be my laptop bag

    LBT Gear Bag, Black - To hold all of my gear

    S.O.C 3 Day Pass - My bookbag for highschool. Looking back, it definitely was overkill

    Generic, saffron-colored Monk's Bag from my trip to Myanmar - Very handy and makes me look hipster
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  13. Water-Rat

    Water-Rat Loaded Pockets

    Feb 11, 2013
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    I'm currently using three bags. I have a couple old no-name packs gathering dust in the closet.

    My main three are:

    Vanquest Javelin 3.0 - This is my current work bag. Carries my lunch, first aid stuff, etc. I have a MSM bottle corset added as well as some shock cord. It also gets used as a photo bag on the weekends and holds my Canon Rebel T3 and two kit lenses plus various odds and ends of photo gear. When using it for photography, I attach a Peak Designs capture to the strap, so my DSLR can ride on the strap for quick use. I also have used this when riding my bike, both to transport the camera and to transport books to go to the library. I put a water bladder in for bike riding use.

    Vanqust Envoy 2.0 - This is my music bag. It is used to carry my clarinet and/or flute as well as music, instrument stands, and various little bits of music gear. I have a pair of Vanquest ISO-Pod dump pouches on the sides. One for my waterbottle, and one for my saxophone stand.

    5.11 Rush 24 - This is my bag for outdoor adventuring and for my summer lifeguarding job. Right now it's mostly sitting in the closet except for a few times when I've needed more gear than the Javelin can carry. During the summer it gets used for carrying gear for kayaking and stand up paddleboarding.

    On Thursdays, I have work and then band rehearsal immediately afterwards. My parents laugh every time they see me with my Thursday gear loadout. I carry the Javelin for work, the Envoy for rehearsal, my saxophone, and a music stand. It's a wonder I make it out the door carrying all that stuff in one trip.
  14. PreparedCitizen

    PreparedCitizen Loaded Pockets

    Jan 27, 2010
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    1 x Heimplanet Monolith Series Daypack 22L in black - Travel - can be used as a backpack, sling bag, or briefcase.

    2 x Heimplanet Motion Series Arc 20L in Green/Gray and Purple/Gray (wife) - Travel day trips OCONUS

    1 x Heimplanet Dopp Kit - travel

    2 x GoRuck 10L two-pocket Bullet in Black and Wolf Gray

    2 x GoRuck 10L one-pocket Bullet in Coyote Brown and Multicam

    2 x GoRuck 15L two-pocket Bullet in black - When the 10L Bullet won't hold every thing on CONUS day trips

    1 x GoRuck SD15 in Coyote Brown - Paperwork in my patrol car, will be my son's school backpack one day

    3 x GoRuck SD25 in Coyote Brown and Black - 1 Coyote brown used in patrol car, 1 Coyote Brown used as rural bug out bag, 1 Black used as an urban bug out bag

    1 x GoRuck 20L Duffle/Gym Bag in black - Holds my workout gear (shoes, shorts, shirt, socks, towel, water bottle, dirty bag, sanitizer, gun, phone, keys, wallet.

    1 x GoRuck 38L Duffle/Gym Bag - Holds my MMA / DT gear (Gi/belt, gloves, shin guards, head gear, mouth piece, wraps, water bottle, towel, change of clothes, dirty bag, sanitizer, bandaids, gun, phone, keys, wallet)

    1 x GoRuck GR1 in black - unused and wish I hadn't bought it

    6 x GoRuck Tough bags in gray and black - for packing shoes

    ? x GoRuck zippered pouches in black - miscellaneous uses such as tech bag, sanitation etc

    2 x Bomber Barrel Bag in black - Overnight stay out of town. Elegant bag for nicer places.

    1 x Triple Aught Design Azimuth in all black - When I need a packable

    2 x Triple Aught Design packing cubes in all black - Will be purchasing more

    1 x Maxpedition Versipack in coyote brown - Used to be my EDC

    1 x Maxpedition Aftermath in black - Camping toiletries

    1 x Maxpedition rifle case in black - Holds my Daniel Defense AR15 carbine

    1 x Hazard 4 Kato in black - Used to be a perimeter bag (something I when expecting a long stand off)

    1 x Dsptch Dopp Kit in black - travel smaller

    1 x Voodoo Tactical Field Medic Pack in black - Fully stocked medical bag for home and camping

    2 x Maratac Extreme Tactical Gaffers Bag - One holds all my Captains of Crush grippers and the other is used to haul ammo

    1 x Maratac Extreme large EOD bag in black - Stuffed with first aid supplies in a car kit

    2 x generic (unknown brand) bags in black - Use them as range bags.
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  15. James A. Cathcart

    James A. Cathcart Loaded Pockets

    Mar 1, 2016
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    5.11 Rush MOAB 6 Pack (Sandstone)*
    Captain America Shield Backpack
    Kaukko Men's Retro Canvas Shoulder Bag
    MacCase’s Premium Leather Flight Jacket
    Maxpedition Micro Pocket Organizer**
    Maxpedition Mini Pocket Organizer
    Skinth Plus Sheath
    Star Wars X-Wing Pilot's Backpack
    Waterfield Muzzeto Leather Bag (Portable, Copper, Grizzly Leather

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  16. thegrouch314

    thegrouch314 Loaded Pockets

    Dec 10, 2015
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    I have a few for various reasons but honestly, my favourite one to put together was my hospital bag.

    I have chronic illnesses and have had to go to hospital abruptly. This is designed to be grabbed alongside my EDC. It's a sling bag that I got free with branding from baby food of all things on it.. It contains:
    1 pair of pyjamas
    2 sets of clothes including extra socks
    £20, 10 in notes and 10 in coins (parking meters and vending machines)
    Headphones (earbuds annoy me after a while)
    Protein bars
    Sports cap water bottle (It's easier to drink from laying down)
    Phone charger
    Shower stuff
    3M micropore tape and swabs (I'm allergic to some generic tapes so I bring my own)
    Piece of paper with my hospital/NHS numbers etc on one side and my emergency contacts on the other
    Copy of recent prescription

    It's aimed for me but my family and I are all similar sizes so it'll do for any of my family members until someone can go home and get them clothes etc. It's saved my :censored: a few times by now and kept both me and my mum sane while waiting 8 hours in A&E on a saturday night.
  17. pieceofwork

    pieceofwork Loaded Pockets

    Jul 7, 2016
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    I don't own any bags that aren't used regularly, except my emergency bag that stays in my vehicle.
    • Mystery Ranch Ravine - day hikes
    • Arc'teryx Altra 85 - hikes that involve at least one night in the wilderness
    • Kifaru Antero - personal item for plane, gets taken on all vacations/road trips
    • REI brand pack - very tiny & light backpack for the gym
    • Spec Ops T.H.E. Pack - emergency bag for my vehicle

    I haven't owned too many tactical bags, and the couple I did own were sold before I ever used them, excluding the Spec Ops pack because it's a vehicle emergency bag that in all likelihood will never be needed. Because of market saturation and everything being advertised/designed as tactical, there's been a growing backlash against it. If the trend will actually die off remains to be seen.
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  18. Ken Watson

    Ken Watson Loaded Pockets

    Aug 21, 2016
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    Kifaru Urban Zippy in black:
    EDC for me and my 4 year old, and gym shoes

    Blackhawk messenger in black: work briefcase

    Arcteryx echo: hiking/bushcraft/travel "big" backpack.

    These fill my general needs pretty well. I have some days out an about with my son where we do a lot of walking and I find myself wishing the zippy had a real waistbelt. I am thinking I will maybe keep and eye out for an xray to add to the arsenal. Otherwise I don't see these bags getting switched out any time soon.