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Bags, bags, bags, bags, bags... how many do you have and what needs do they fill?

Discussion in 'EDC Bags' started by carrot, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Captainkirk

    Captainkirk Loaded Pockets

    Feb 13, 2015
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    Nice Triple-shot of Vanquest. I have a Trident 20 myself and love it.

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  2. Southpaw

    Southpaw EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Sep 18, 2012
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    Wow the collections in this thread!
  3. risingeagle316

    risingeagle316 Loaded Pockets

    Nov 16, 2014
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    My current collection:

    [​IMG]Bag Collection by risingeagle316, on Flickr
    • MR ASAP - By far my favorite. It's my current EDC bag.
    • Kifaru E&E - Got it to use as my EDC bag during my internship w/ the local Sheriff's office last summer. It was great because I could keep it with me in the passenger seat of the patrol cars without giving up any leg room. It's going to become a dedicated car bag once I can get the gear for it.
    • 5.11 Covert18 - Used it for 3+ years in college and it's still going strong. I use it for trips, when I need a backpack bag that blends in, or whenever I wish the ASAP was just a bit bigger.
    • Patagonia Minimass - Great little bag. Used for travel or whenever I feel like switching up my EDC bag.
    • Vanquest Mobius - Got it to try a shoulder bag and didn't like it for EDC. It gets used mostly for when I go fishing.
    I also have a Gregory Baltoro and a Gossamer Gear Gorilla for backpacking adventures.
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  4. Fudly

    Fudly Empty Pockets

    Apr 5, 2014
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    Sorry for the crappy picture.
    1. Camelbak - Hawg (Circa 2001. Oldest bag in my collection, really takes a beating.)
    2. Crumpler - Bee's Knees
    3. Calvin Klein Jeans - (Nameless?) Sling Bag
    4. 5.11 - All Hazards Prime
    5. South2 West8 - Explore (My current EDC bag)
    6.Evergreen Fishing - Hip and Shoulder Bag
    7. Nomadic [Wise Walker] - Carbonium Series Hip Pouch
    8. Oakley - AP 2.0 (Biggest disappointment of a pack ever. The pack straps tore as a result of poor stitching and I had to mend it myself.)
    9. Porter (Yoshida) - Heat Tote A3

    Not in Picture:
    1. North Face Adventure Duffel (Large) (Also in black)
    2. Eagle Creek Activate Rolling Duffel 32 (Also in black)

    Current Wishlist:
    Hill People Gear - Tarahumara (Black)
    Camelbak - Mil-Tac Transformer (Circa 2010 I believe)
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  5. speedy

    speedy Loaded Pockets

    Mar 9, 2015
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    Off the top of my head:
    -Backpack - work bag
    -Husky Lunchbox
    -Sling bag - using it for all my guitar/music books and stuff
    -Old work backpack from EMS use it to hold all my gun crap from ammo to targets to the staple-gun and so on
    -Rifle bag for...guess
    -Sling bag not holding anything. Cats are using it as a toy.
    -Laptop bag - protecting my laptop from the cats and dog
    -Suitcases and large duffel bag - for traveling. Don't do it often so I keep them in large garbage bags to keep clean.
    -Duffel bag - gym and stuff
    I think that's it. I would love my fiance to list her purses. Man does she have a lot of purses and not the cheap ones either.
  6. Pepsi Jedi

    Pepsi Jedi Loaded Pockets

    Jul 14, 2015
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    You have all that in your car?
  7. GutWrench

    GutWrench Loaded Pockets

    Jun 5, 2011
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    I have 3 bags currently and tracking one on the brown truck of happiness.

    CamelBak Talon
    Kifaru E&E in coyote
    Kifaru E&E in black - Primary

    I have been EDCing the black Kifaru E&E for like 6 years and its built like a tank. I have TAD gear OP1 and GPP1 mounted on it. All the bag I ever need for day to day stuff; gym, work, GHB, etc... it also fits perfectly in the saddle bag of my StreetGlide with a little room to spare. It will now be dedicated to saddlebag duty. The Coyote E&E is my hunting/fishing pack. I load it for either purpose when needed. I bought the Talon for camping/hiking and stuff but I just don't like it. I use it, but i always get frustrated with its layout and wish I had something else... I can't stand a top loading pack!!

    I got a great deal on a Fast Pack EDC (2014 version) in Foliage the other day on fleabay. It should arrive Monday. I hope to replace the Black E&E for EDCing and it will also double duty as my camping/hiking/GHB/ pack. No more having to switch gear or pouches between packs...
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  8. Locomoco

    Locomoco Loaded Pockets

    May 16, 2009
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    Tactical Tailor enhanced Daypack (discontinued)
    Maxpudition Pygmy Falcon
    Maxpudtion Fatboy
    Condor Urban Go Bag
    TAD FAST pack Litespeed
    TAD FAST pack EDC
    MSM Adapt pack
    Hazard 4 Kato
    Goruck GR-1 21L


    Goruck Echo (just added and current EDC)
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  9. js27mw11

    js27mw11 Loaded Pockets

    Dec 15, 2009
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    Maxpedition Falcon II
    Grey Ghost Stealth Operator
    GoRuck Bullet 10l
  10. Ray Loftis

    Ray Loftis Loaded Pockets

    Feb 14, 2015
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    My two bags
    One red rock is my edc ( goes where I go)
    One rush 24 bug out bag (wshtf)
    Some items redundant
    Always adding ,upgrading and improving
    I also have a black large red rock back pack I have filled with fishing gear
    I'd say I do like bags and pouches.
    Thanks for all the pics all

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  11. Gary Gross

    Gary Gross Loaded Pockets

    Oct 17, 2015
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    I see lots of people have several bags for the same purpose. I guess that's just not my "bag." Everything I have is modular. Current list:
    * High Sierra backpack is my work EDC bag. It holds a notebook, some snacks, umbrella and a Grid-it.
    * Maxpedition Versipack Jumbo is my hiking/exploring bag. Has lots of extras (Barnacle, double mag and dump pouch all molle attached plus camera bag in main compartment)
    * LAPG BOB stays in the car. It has tool kit, FAK, gloves, rain gear and other supplies.
    * Big duffel from my sales days has a wool blanket, clothes, rope, etc. for long trips and bad weather.
    * Wal-Mart range bag has the obvious items.
    * Nike gym bag-also obvious.
    * Maxped EDC pocket organizer is my tool kit-lives in the BOB.
    * Maxped Micro has misc. hygiene items and lives in my car. It goes in the Jumbo when needed.
    * FAK lives in the BOB, goes in the Jumbo when needed.
  12. carlinpole

    carlinpole Loaded Pockets

    May 21, 2015
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    This is my collection. Rush 24, moab 6 and the north face recon II



    Enviado desde mi D5803 mediante Tapatalk
  13. Shane Cha

    Shane Cha Empty Pockets

    Jun 10, 2015
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    I have 2 Bags. 1 Rush 12 and 1 Rush 24.

    Rush 24 is my everyday carry and travel bag. I outfit it with the regular things i generally carry, and when I travel for work.
    The Rush 12 is my beach/activity bag when I don't want to empty my 24. I generally keep bare essentials in this one, flashlights/lighters, some granola bars, a bottle of water, and depending on where I'm going a beach towel/blanket, sweater, glasses or sports related things, frisbee's, drinks.
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  14. JoeyJelly

    JoeyJelly Loaded Pockets

    Apr 5, 2016
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    Kelty Falcon 4000 - camping/backpacking. Any trip that requires a sleeping bag since I can fit everything in one bag

    Rush 72 - Had it for the army now it kind of fills in when the Falcon is overkill. Want to turn it into a BOB eventually. GF steals it occasionally.

    Rush 24 - All purpose bag. EDC, gym clothes, 1 night trips

    Tenzing 2200 - Hunting bag, carries my stuff from the truck up into the tree stand or turkey blind.

    Vanquest Javelin - Light EDC, day hikes. Bought for recent trip to Africa. Worked great. Very happy purchase if anyone is thinking about getting one.

    Maxpedition Noatak - sits in my closest, holds some miscellaneous IFAK stuff. Throw some stuff in it for the range every now and then.

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  15. animefans

    animefans Loaded Pockets

    Apr 30, 2016
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    Current collection

    Lowepro -- for camera
    rush 24 -- I bought it for my wife
    timbuk2 messenger -- EDC when going out with kids/traveling
    timbuk2 pork chop -- cell phone, wallet, odds and ends
    timberland sling -- when pork chop is too small, and messenger is too big
    I also have a laptop backpack from work

    Am thinking of getting a new bag and do some consolidation
    my only "excuse" to quench my thirst for more bag!
  16. WillAdams

    WillAdams Loaded Pockets

    Jun 11, 2013
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    A vertical laptop bag I bought before getting married (my daughter is finishing up her 3rd year of college), and a convertible backpack / shoulder bag when travelling.

    I also have an old Kiwi video camera battery bag I use for odd things needed for odd trips (currently Friday Night Magic at the local game store).

    The only other thing is the outside pocket on the quiver I use w/ my Bear Takedown which only has archery stuff in it.
  17. gnarley.jeep84

    gnarley.jeep84 Loaded Pockets

    Sep 6, 2014
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    Wow, this could take sometime...

    The North Face Yavapai - Dad bought it for me freshman year of high school. Used it all the way through college, love the bag and still occasionally use but it's more of a sentimental item now.

    The North Face Surge II - picked up on sale at REI last summer as a hopeful candidate for a day hike pack. Took it out a few time and absolutely love the organization but HATE how it fits for all day wearing. Is currently on the list for consideration for in car GHB but I may just sell it.

    Camelbak Vantage 35 - attempt at a day pack, thought I could deal with minimal organization, turns out I can't. May turn into a BOB or sell.

    Maxpedition Monsoon - 1st maxpedition purchase, fell in love with the build quality and how the Monsoon wears but the organization just wouldn't work for me. Was used for day hike for awhile but as I'm getting older the single strap is just too much on one shoulder for all day wear.

    Maxpedition Fatboy - attempt at smaller EDC bag but a little too small.

    Maxpedition Colossus - purchased after the Monsoon, really love for EDC especially if I just need my camera and a bottle of water. Plus with all the Molle I can setup how I need it for certain trips.

    Maxpedition Noatak - EDC, travel rotation.

    Mountainsmith Tour - Was used as a day hike bag 8 years ago but the lumbar bag just wasn't for me.

    Mountainsmith Day - Same as above but is current First Aid bag in car for road trips.

    Mountainsmith Swift II - was EDC bag for a few years but hated how it carried. Currently collecting dust.

    Mountainsmith unknown small lumbar pack - same as above.

    Osprey Quasar - Current day hike & favorite travel bag.

    Timbuk2 medium messenger (pre 2014) - used as a work bag 10 years ago but haven't really used since.

    Timbuk2 large messenger (pre 2014) - same as above

    Timbuk2 XL messenger (pre 2014) - same as above but occasionally gets used as a spare gear bag on road trips.

    Timbuk2 Medium 2015 - current work bag.

    Timbuk2 small 2015 - current EDC rotation, travel.

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  18. kelo11

    kelo11 Loaded Pockets

    Jun 23, 2016
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    Ok here goes, just by memory...

    Currently have:
    1. GORUCK Rucker Grey/Silver - Current EDC/Gym/Ruck/MTB/overnight trip/day hike pack - My do it all pack
    2. (2) Drago Gear Tracker Packs - First one I bought started to tear at the strap seam, so they sent me a replacement for free and I got to keep the old one (fixed the strap with 55 cord). One is a range bag, the other is a BoB.
    3. Camelbak Fourteener 20 - Day Hiking, MTBing, previous EDC, love it
    4. REI Crestrail 48 - Camping/3 day hiking pack, very affordable, comfortable and well made
    5. Outdoor Products 3L Hydration Pack - Day hiking/MTBing
    6. Kattee Canvas Messenger - Former work EDC, my "hip" work bag now and again
    7. Seattle Sports Small Waterproof Duffel - Bought for trip to South America, use rafting/water tubing/kayaking
    8. Alpine Design Duffel - Used as gym bag initially, now overnight travel bag
    9. Unknown Columbia Sportswear pack - 10+ years of use, previously college pack, then gym bag, now retired with large holes developing in the bottom from wear and tear
    10. (2) Jansports - Not being used for anything, maybe will use as BoBs/GHBs

    Used to have:
    1. Split Surf Brand backpack
    2. Wolf Creek Backpack - Knockoff of Jansport
    3. $20 Duffel from JCPenney wish I could recall the brand - had for ~20 years, bought it for little league and lacrosse, used it as gym bag starting in high school, it finally started to break down after college. Great buy.

    Here I was thinking I DIDN'T have a bag problem...:unsure:
  19. Thomas Chagrin

    Thomas Chagrin Loaded Pockets

    Aug 8, 2015
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    I've done a lot of buying, trying, and selling over the past year or two. I've arrived at this list........for now:

    5.11 Rush 12 (Multicam) - This is my "shotgun bag". I use it for skeet/trap/sporting clays shooting and in the rare occasion that I go pheasant or turkey hunting. I got this as a travel bag but after the first trip to the airport with it, I felt that the camo was way too much. It was a regretted purchase after that, but I now use the crap of it with my shotgun activities. Has been such a great bag.

    Vanquest Falconer 27 (Black Multicam) - This is an air or car travel bag when I need more space, don't necessarily need my computer, and will not be carrying a concealed firearm. I'm in love with this bag with the space, versatility, fairly compact size, and awesome (not too camo-obnoxious) looks.

    Kaukko retro canvas backpack/messenger bag (Green) - I just bought this to try because it was inexpensive and I felt that I could get use of it with air travel and not look too tactical. It can convert from a backpack to a shoulder bag or hand bag, so I think that is pretty cool. It was $40 on Amazon, figured that I'd try it. Jury is out though - it's NOTHING like a 5.11 or Vanquest bag, but it's kinda cool and retro.

    S&W sling bag (Black) - This is very much like a Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger or a Fieldline Tactical sling bag (would be willing to bet it's made by Fieldline - maybe one of you guys knows this for sure...). It was my first tactical bag and is the one that gave me the bug. It's good for very light duty carrying of a jacket, a water bottle, some phone wires, and not much more. Thought I have packed a gun in it too. It's still a cool looking bag and I'll never part with it since it was my "first". So lame, right? By the way, I checked Maxpedition's site to refresh my memory about the "Sitka Gearslinger" name and I see that they have a crazy closeout sale on some items. Just FYI!

    5.11 MOAB 10 (Gray) - I got this because, quite simply, I had always wanted one. This has become my easy carry-to-work or a gathering/party bag. I also carry a pistol in it when I don't want to carry on-body. I've strapped a folding three-leg stool to the side of it with the Rush Tier straps, so that's a convenient option to have. Super cool bag, it has been more useful than I anticipated.

    Vanquest Javelin 3.0 (Black Multicam) - I had a Trident 20 and then decided that I was trying to bridge a gap with that bag. I've ended up with the Falconer 27 AND this new Javelin. They fill very different roles for me. I recently took the Javelin to NYC where I was in and out of taxis and on the subway. It's so nice to slide the bag around and access everything from the side while the bag is still on you, or simply slide it around and sit down without having to take the bag off. I have this one for urban travel where I want to control the bag and will be sitting in cars/busses/trains. Super awesome bag. And I can't get enough of the Black Multicam!

    Kenneth Cole Reaction leather computer/file/work bag (Brown) - This is my grown-up work bag. I use it for work trips when I'm seeing more than one customer over several days. It is exclusively for work files, carrying my computer, etc. Has been very good, very durable, and very nice looking. Can't look tactical all the time!

    I have returned or sold the following on my silly bag quest: 5.11 All Hazards Nitro, Direct Action Dust, 5.11 MOAB 6, Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon, Maxpedition Falcon 2, Vanquest Trident 20, Camelbak Hawg, 5.11 Covrt 18, Vertex Gamut, and 5.11 Ignitor. I think that I'm sorta done for now! I've settled in one what works for me and what I like. I certainly had fun figuring it out!
  20. wundergeist

    wundergeist Loaded Pockets

    Dec 18, 2008
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    Several times already I've gong through this process:

    1> Notice that I have a lot of bags
    2> Painfully decided that I need to decrease the number of bags I own
    3> Logically plan what bags to keep based on rational needs
    4> Cut that list down further by emphasizing rational in point 3
    [Procrastinate while making up reasons to keep bags that never pass any scrutiny]
    5> Donate many bags (sometimes more than 2/3 of bags)
    6> Over time, buy one bag here one bag there "for specific purposes"
    7> Go to conferences and events and get free bags (sometimes really good bags)
    8> Go back to step 1

    Bags that have survived for a long time:

    Two carry-on bags, one wheeled, one convertible to backpack, both Victorinox
    Fanny pack by Victorinox (my EDC, usually inside the backpack at work)
    Fancy computer backpack by Brenthaven (at some point I had 6 work packs…)
    Gym bag by Under Armour
    5.11 Tactical Rush 72, usually loaded for BOB at home, sometimes temporarily used for tactical grocery shopping ;)
    Two camera bags, a sling by Case Logic and a backpack by Amazon Basics
    MP Falcon II with things I might need in a pinch (TP, FAK, water, powerbars, change of clothes, etc) kept in the car trunk.
    Various pouches and organizers because I can rationalize those as "organization" tools :oops:

    Recent acquisition: Blackhawk! stash duffle (fits in pants pocket, for emergency tactical shopping)
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