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Baby Soda Bottles

Discussion in 'Other Carrying Devices' started by wcy, Dec 29, 2007.

    wcy Loaded Pockets

    The title says it all.
    Inexpensive, tough as all get out, waterproof, watertight, easy to replace the cap.
    They are test tubes made from un-inflated 2 liter bottles.
    Here's a link to a site that carries them:
    I got one as a stocking stuffer, and said " I can use these."
    Figured some people here could as well.
    I'll post dimensions later.

    echo63 Loaded Pockets

    looks alot like the keep2go tubes that are available at the fenix store, just without the hole in the lid for hanging it from something

    wcy Loaded Pockets

    Yes, but for a fraction of the cost. 4 Keep2go tubes for $20, or 30 Baby Soda Bottles for $16.
    Here are the dimensions of a Baby Soda Bottle:
    OAL: 5.93" with cap on.
    Internal depth: 4.85"
    I.D.: .85"
    O.D. of body : 1.14"
    O.D. of body below cap flange: 1.008"
    O.D. of cap flange: 1.3"

    Carry can be facilitated with one of those O-ring water bottle carriers that can be had for 1 or 2 bucks.
    They seem like a great carry for possibles or kit that need to be organized and dry. Or wet stuff and still keep the rest of your gear dry.

    Edited for pictures.

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    HoopleHead Banned

    very cool, nice find. will probably pick some up for battery carriers but only need 4 max, so if anyone wants to split it/buy the leftovers PM me

    edit: hmmmm or maybe i should set up a group buy...

    Lugsalot EDC Junkie!!!!!

    This is as good a deal we're likely to find on these babies, short of finding a member in the bottling industry who can get us a few cases on the down-low. :tiptoe:

    I wonder how good a seal the caps on these create, and if other styles of cap can be found to fit at a reasonable price.

    A group-buy for these would be pretty popular, I bet. I know I'd want in on one!

    echo63 Loaded Pockets

    their soda bottles before they get made into soda bottles - the cap is the same as the one that fits onto that bottle of coke or pepsi you have in the fridge - you know the one thats sealing fine at the moment - sports bottle type lids would be easy to find, might be slightly harder to find the keep2go style lids with the hole in - except for spending a fortune on the keep2go tubes

    wcy had a good idea with the "oring" carrrier to hold them
    they would probably fit through PALS webbing nicely too with an elastic band to hold them so they dont slide out

    wcy Loaded Pockets

    I think one reason there is seal failure in a soda bottle is because of the bottle flexing.
    These tubes are so much more robust and rigid that it eliminates that tendency.
    One would have to take them to a pool or the beach for some depth testing.
    I'm just looking for an item that meets "the rule of 'nuf."
    These will do that better than cigar tubes, at a good price point.
    Here are the next size up:
    The website also sells the soda bottle caps alone, page two of lab supplies.

    Edited to add: the O-ring with carabiner was picked up at Walmart, IIRC. It was either $0.99 or $1.99.

    Stutoffee Loaded Pockets

    Im gonna explore this site a little more & see if they'll ship to the UK, as their prices are great.
    I do already have afew of the Keep2Go ones from the Fenix store (Great service, BTW!)
    So far, Ive made a couple of firestarting kits in 2 of them, I carry BBQ sauce in another (for pies, pasties etc at work) & I carry some orange cordial in another, so I can just add it to water for a drink at work (instead of spending 90p a time on a half-litre of Coke Zero)

    IllicitDreams Loaded Pockets

    I see me placing an order for some of these soon.

    Man I gotta stop looking at threads like this. They make me spend money.

    matts2 Loaded Pockets

    I don't need 15, but half a dozen in a group buy would be great.

    matts2 Loaded Pockets

    How do group buys work? I am interested in this. It occurs to me that these are a perfect size for a frozen mixed drink. So half a dozen to a dozen would be great for picnics.

    Inner Prop Loaded Pockets

    Why not just poke a hole in the lid, use an eye bolt, nut and rubber washer to reset the seal?

    bbriand Loaded Pockets

    I decided to try going to the local Pepsi plant and see if I could obtain some samples. I went there this past Friday on a lunch break and easily obtained a dozen of them for free. So check your local Industrial park and possibly find a free supply for yourself :)


    clutchUSMC Empty Pockets

    looks like im gonna have to spend some more money, shhh dont let the wife know.

    TNRonin Loaded Pockets

    Got my order placed.
    Marshmallows is the discount code for me. HTH.


    Jay_Ev Loaded Pockets

    I have some, they're pretty cool:



    Stuey Loaded Pockets

    Where did you get your black loop caps from?

    Jay_Ev Loaded Pockets

    Hey Stuey,

    Sorry, I should have been a bit more descriptive in my post, the ones with the blue flat cap are baby soda bottles, and the ones with the grey cap with the loop are Keep2Go tubes that I got from the Fenix Store. It would be nice if you were able to purchase the caps by themselves, but the only way they sell them was with the whole tube.


    TNRonin Loaded Pockets

    That sucks that you can't get the caps. I got my baby soda bottles today. The 16th one had a pack of mentos! Pretty neat, I have some silicone o-rings I will use for attachment purposes. I'm going to have webbing loops sewn to the o-ring and attach a biner to the webbing.

    FWIW, one shot will fill up a baby soda bottle. :lolhammer: