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Arcteryx leaf

Discussion in 'EDC Bags' started by calebklyne, Sep 13, 2013.

    calebklyne Loaded Pockets

    Hey guys im wondering if any of you have any arc'teryx packs and if you like them?

    Im really considering a khard 30 but id like to hear some feedback before dropping that much cash

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    JHGM Dinosaur Supervisor

    Review posted on this a while back...

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    carrot Loaded Pockets

    I've got two Arcteryx packs but nothing out of the LEAF series. The smaller pack, a Spear 25, is very well-designed and a great day pack, but I prefer a little more capacity for a daily-use, urban pack, and the larger pack, an Arrakis 50, is a fantastic, but very specialized pack. It is designed for backcountry skiing, which I don't do, and rock/ice cragging, which I do, and it is excellent for that. It's also waterproof, which is awesome when a surprise downpour gets you or it is snowing all day long. Carries very comfortably and is probably the best made pack I have ever seen.

    nick nitro Loaded Pockets

    I have three Arc'teryx packs. The ubiquitous marine system, a blade 21, and an Arro 22. I like the blade 21 best for office type stuff.
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    calebklyne Loaded Pockets

    For some reason the link doesnt work

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    JHGM Dinosaur Supervisor


    Worked on my 'puter and phone...

    Thanx for the back up Schuey!

    calebklyne Loaded Pockets

    I think my edcf widget was just not working. How long have you had the pack now? Have you found anything you dont like about it?

    Heavyduti Banned

    I've had the Arc'teryx Miura 30 and the Bora 40 which were both great but not LEAF (just the Alpha LEAF jacket). I now have their Blade 24 and it's the best laptop bag I have ever had. I used it on an Alaskan cruise for day jaunts and it was perfect. It does not move when on, no waist strap, and is built solidly to last. There is zero apparent wear after a year of use.

    tdb Loaded Pockets

    I wrote up that review and still do love the bag, although I haven't been carrying it much lately. Commuting around the DC area I've been better served over the past month or so with an el cheapo messenger bag. If my job situation changes I will start using the Khard a good deal more its just too much bag for my needs right now, but I still love it.

    calebklyne Loaded Pockets

    Thanks for the replies so far! I really think it will fit well with how I want to carry my gear