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Anyone EDC a musical instrument?

Discussion in 'Other Every Day Carry Items' started by beardy, Feb 6, 2007.

    beardy Loaded Pockets

    I did a search, and came up with this topic. But I couldn't find anything on musical instruments in general, be they harmonicas, ocarinas, nose flutes etc.

    I don't anymore, but when I was in college, I'd carry a harmonica around, since I had a 30 minute walk to and from school. I taught myself to play just softly playing to myself on that walk.

    So, anyone totin' an instrument?
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    cosine Loaded Pockets

    I used to carry a harmonica once in a while, but haven't for a very long time. I probably will start EDCing a harmonica next fall though when I'm at college, you know, just to give me something to do while wandering around campus.

    What I would like to EDC is a quena. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quena It's a really cool flute-like instrument from the Andes. I've heard of people making them out of PVC pipe; I may try that someday. I've looked around to try and purchase a qeuna, but it's not a common/ popular instrument here in WI. ;)

    onlyonespyderco Loaded Pockets

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    scríbhneoir Uber Prepared

    I tote a tin whistle and book in the truck everywhere. I'm not edc-ing the fiddle. Yet. :evilgrin:

    I knew some folks from Peru and Chile while at UF who played the Andean panpipes as well as the quena and a bunch of other instruments--from the teeny-tiny to the ginormous. Beautiful tunes.

    bruner Loaded Pockets

    I made a Quena out of PVC. I have plans for it HERE on my old personal website. It's the 9th link down from the top.

    I also made several other instruments out of PVC and ABS pipes available at hardware stores.

    Haven't messed with that stuff in years, but it was fun at the time...


    cosine Loaded Pockets

    Hehe! I've had your site bookmarked for several months. I don't recall where I found it though. Besides the quena, I've also wanted to try my hand at some of the PVC flutes you have plan for.

    Nice meeting (kind of!) the guy behind that site. :)

    bruner Loaded Pockets

    It's a shame I gave that Quena away to someone else who was interested years ago, otherwise I would have sent it to you...

    Unfortunately, I don't have access to the machine shop at my old job, otherwise I might have made another...

    You could accomplish the same thing with file, but it would take some work.

    That's cool that you had me bookmarked :)

    I haven't updated that site for years, but I still get emails from students all over the world trying to finish some sort of musical instrument project (under a deadline) asking for help...


    MatthewVanitas Empty Pockets

    As posted in previous thread:

    The Hohner Little Lady mini-harmonica is great. One-octave range, costs $5-8, comes with a little hard-plastic case that fits great in jeans watch-pocket.

    Pennywhistles can be good in a backpack. If you want to get clever, you can make a pennwhistle into (2) breakdown 4" pieces, with a Generation "G" whistle ($7), some metal tubing and glue.

    Susato also makes a tiny PVC ocarina that retails around $5, and is pretty good. Also watch-pocket sized. The PunyTune is a better but larger ocarina.

    All the miniscule instruments I know are woodwind, though the film "From Here to Eternity" has a guy playing a bugle mouthpiece as a self-contained brass instrument, though, as a non-brass guy, I'm not sure is that works.


    el_diabl0 Loaded Pockets

    I used to EDC a tuba in middle school.
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    KeyGrip Loaded Pockets

    I also lug a harmonica around with me in my jacket.

    cosine Loaded Pockets

    I've got an EDC musical instrument now! ;D

    A Rhythm Tech Eggz shaker.

    I bought it yesterday because I need it for an extra layer of percussion for a song I'm playing tomorrow with a friend, but it's mighty fun to play different rhythms on it, and it's small, so I might just carry it around for a while!

    Eggz Shaker

    wolf Loaded Pockets

    I carry a harmonica.


    rik Loaded Pockets

    I've been told that I play the fool very well, and I don't need to carry anything bulky for that...

    bruner Loaded Pockets

    I used to be a pretty good flute player (Jethro Tull & classical stuff). Never got around to learning the piccolo, but it would be ideal for an EDC musical instrument.


    kruspe Loaded Pockets

    Mouthpieces can be played by themselves; in fact, it's common for beginning students to learn to buzz on the mouthpiece before trying to play the instrument. I wouldn't recommend it as a musical instrument, though, as it's not the nicest sound.

    GrumpyGrizzly Loaded Pockets

    Does anyone EDC Musical Instruments?

    I carry at least one harmonica in my coat pocket and probably at least 3 in my edc backpack. You'll also find the occasional Recorder (what the kids play in elementary school) in my back pack or vehicle.

    Just wondering if there's anyone else carrying instruments?

    Clead Loaded Pockets

    Not truly EDC since I have zero free time with the 2 kids etc, but in my work bag I have a couple tin whistles and some music to learn. I also ear-play new tunes from listening to them on my BB's MP3 collection. Gotta be the same key then. My ear's not that good, haha.
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    JonSidneyB Uber Prepared

    I really hope this thread grows.

    I think it could be fun and give us some variety out here.

    Narcosynthesis Loaded Pockets

    Sadly it is hard to fit a bass, guitar or banjo in your pocket, so as far as traditional instruments go, sadly not.

    What I do often have though is a Nintendo DS with the Korg DS-10 - a software recreation of the MS-10 synth built as a sequencer, so I can happily play about with that for a while, even if I entirely lack this skills to put together a full song with it...
    I know for those of a musical mind with a DS there is also Electroplankton which is a rather happy sound based 'game' which is simple, pointless, yet very relaxing to play with. If you look to homebrew there are also a range of software out there for noisemaking purposes.

    The biggest problem I would have with EDC instruments is that beyond electronic devices like the DS that can use headphones, they are all noisy, so to use them I would have to find somewhere well away from other people so as not to annoy them - where I can happily put in headphones and play DS in the canteen at work, I would rather not prove to everyone how musically inept I am with a harmonica (though I can play 'when the saints come marching in', which I feel is impressive for me).
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    JonSidneyB Uber Prepared

    In grade school I EDC'd a flutaphone along with an M-19, and tools. I played with it on stacks of hay bales while taking a break.