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Anybody EDC a Small Fixed Blade?

Discussion in 'Knives' started by Will_Power, Nov 17, 2011.

    Will_Power Loaded Pockets

    Been considering a small fixed blade such as an Izula 2 or Becker BK-14 Eskabar to try out. Any of you guys EDC something similar?

    mightywombat Loaded Pockets

    I think it's actually illegal here to carry a fixed blade knife without a concealed carry permit, which I haven't gotten yet.
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    popedandy Loaded Pockets

    It isn't unusual for me to go that route when I'm not at work. It's a pretty handy size knife for general use.

    nukehayes Loaded Pockets

    I carry a CRKT Minimalist every day as a neck knife. It is so handy and lightweight and it takes a shaving edge, Despite its small size, the handle is quite comfortable. I hardly notice it around my neck, and it is almost muscle memory to reach up and pull down when I need to cut something. From what I hear, everyone loves their Izula knife, I believe you will not be disappointed.

    JP Loaded Pockets

    A MM EDCF modified wharnie. There is now another blade shape out there too! I have the CRKT Folts Minimalist...but it has never been used!

    Municipal_Jedi Loaded Pockets

    I carry a BRKT Mikro Canadian II every day. It rides in a belt sheath with my Preon 2. Very handy and quality blade that handles everything I through at it. I have considered stepping up the size but around the office it is generally unnecessary though I may still buy a larger Barkie for the weekends.

    indigo_wolf AKA Breezy

    Boker Gnome was very popular here last Christmas. I still like it for a small tuckaway knife. Would be even better on a static line.


    Primate Tools Loaded Pockets

    Bark River makes some of the finest EDC fixed blades. I carry one I made (below).


    Kripto Evil Sid

    +1 on the Bark River blades. I got the "Essential" from the Forum store and LOVE it. Get Jon to order you a custom knife, you won't be sorry. :)

    MedicX Loaded Pockets

    While it is always good to have a concealed carry permit, in Florida, it is only illegal if you are concealing without a permit. But you can carry that SOB on your belt. why not. As anybody would tell ya though, you better double check. There may only be regulation to the size of blade length. The Izula 1 is below 3". Love it.

    Will_Power Loaded Pockets

    Thanks for the replies so far, guys. It's given me a couple of options I wasn't aware of that I need to look into now.

    Fortunately, here in Oregon I'm good to go as long as it's not a double-edged "dirk or dagger."
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    I carry a small fixed blade just about every day. It was made by forum member
    KFU. It's just over 6" long with a blade length just under 3". You can see some
    of his work here and here. I carry it in a pocket sheath in my back pocket.

    Funkybassplayer Loaded Pockets

    I carry a Ka-Bar TDI. I suppose that would count. [IMG]


    RonReagan Loaded Pockets

    I switch between my BK14 if I am geocaching or in woody areas and my ESEE Izula for everything else. I prefer small fixed blades, but there are a few municipal laws in WA state that don't allow it. Luckily I never really go to those places and when I do I just use my BM Mini-Grip.

    hollywoodb6 Loaded Pockets

    I carry a Spyderco Mule Team knife in my right front pocket almost everyday. It has Halpern Titanium Option 1 scales in black. I aust made a minimalist kydex pocket sheath. Since its my first kydex project, I won't be showing any pics but its functional. My next 2 kydex projects will be a better pocket sheath and a horizonal cross draw belt sheath.
    A few hours ago I switched from my MT 5 blade with 9CR18mo steel to the MT 10 blade with CTS-BD1 using the same scales. I also have the MT 7 Damascus blade and will be getting the MT 11 with M390 soon. This all to say that the blade size is comfortable for pocket carry and will stand up to daily carry and use. It is also a great platform for those of us who like to craft but don't have the time or resources to make out own knives.

    Will_Power Loaded Pockets

    So is Seattle the only city with no-fixed blades laws or are there other spots I need to be aware of (Portlander here)?

    Delkancott Loaded Pockets

    I carry an ESEE Izula or RC3 everyday here in MA. Wouldn't want to leave home without it.
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    goosefacer EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Sees some carry-time

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    billwilson Loaded Pockets

    EDC the Mike Morris ( THE Man !)

    I have and like the Gnome, but carry the Morris

    (the morris was a economical custom last year)
    (pants by Paul Long)




    i have a couple of others too....


    MatBlack Loaded Pockets

    I carry this sometimes. A CWP is a beautiful thing.