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Any skateboarders here?

Discussion in 'Where, When, & How Do We Carry All This Stuff?' started by THExKRAKEN, Apr 3, 2012.

    THExKRAKEN Loaded Pockets

    I was curious if there are any skateboarders here, and what they carry for edc when they skate. Bags, skate tools, extra boards, wheels or hardware. Do you still carry your other edc stuff like knives, flashlights, multitools etc.
  1. Used to skate a lot whe I was 14/15/16/17, but not as much in the past decade or so.
    Do have a pretty much brand new set up (Zero Jaime Thomas deck, spitfire classics, Thomas Thunder trucks.....dont remember bearings and hardware, its been a bit) that I just put in my truck the other day for when Im downtown or something and want to ride around with a friend or two.

    Last time I was on a board was about 9 months ago for a brief period, at the time I carried very little with me, just my normal keychain.
    And any future rides will be the same, minimalist daily stuff....aka keys and cellphone.
  2. ps - I do have a bag that I bought (about two years ago a local shop had a St Patricks sale, if it had green on it it was 25% off, so I picked up a new pair of eS, a camo skatetool - forget the maker at the moment - and an eS skateboard bag) that has a truck tool in it, would have that near me if I was at a spot for a while. But if I'll be just rolling around the outskirts of downtown I wouldnt have those things on me.

    like this but OD green

    DisrupTer911 Loaded Pockets

    Not skateboard but I play roller hockey so I always have my skates in the car.
    Don't carry any spare parts tho

    Chopper Loaded Pockets


    The Consultant in the ED told me it was a bad idea!! :eek:

    FeebleOldMan Loaded Pockets

    I've been trying to learn it but no luck yet! :bounce: I've an el cheapo board from the second hand store for this purpose, but I recently saw this Foldable Skateboard that you EDCers might be interested in. It's been sitting in my wishlist, so once I learn how to start and stop properly I might sink some cash into this.

    Thoughts about this design from the more seasoned skateboarders?

    reppans Loaded Pockets

    I'm a boarder, no tricks or skateparks, but I love pumping and carving. Used to carry one 24/7 in my teen years and through college, but now in my advanced age, it's just for a little fun and walking my dog (cuts my work down by 60% and gives muttly a good run). My favorite board at the moment is an Original Derringer 28.... spring trucks can turn seriously quick and sharp.

    I'm a big rollerblader too (well anything that involves wheels or motion), used to be one of those guys that lived in Manhattan and tried to race the bicycle messengers through the rush hour gridlock... that was fun. Too lazy to constantly put on/take off the boots though, unless for a much longer run.

    Love all lean-to-turn speed sports.... an addiction I picked up from snow skiing since a child. My life-long passion is motorcycling.

    :censored: FOM... why'd you have post that folding board... I simply can't resist folding transport. Need to add this along to my collection of folding bikes and kayaks.:D

    generationlost Loaded Pockets

    I used to be obsessed with skateboarding for about 5 years from 9-14 years old. After a while I realized I couldn't get any better and I began to move on. I still have my Plan B board with venture trucks and spitfire wheels.

    Skateboarding definitely seems like one of those things where you either get sponsored and continue to skate well into your adulthood, or something you just outgrow in your late teens.

    indigo_wolf AKA Breezy

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    TheEisiminger Empty Pockets

    i skate hear in utah but every one here hates all skaters
    my EDC is spyderco endera
    fenix E05
    leathermen wave
    Some times i cary my deck you dont know if you will find a good spot.

    e-j-allen Loaded Pockets

    I skate down hil and long distance races and just carry a small wallet, knife, slide gloves and my mobile phone in a zip lock freezer bag

    jericanman Loaded Pockets

    i dont skate street anymore, lost most of my tricks, just use it for crusing, i never edc much when on a deck, as bulky pockets are anoying, just have my keys and wallet .... oh and mp3 player

    Sparkey Loaded Pockets

    Skated for years until my left knee decided to take an early retirement :(

    themadplumbarian Loaded Pockets

    Anyone up to date on what's out there? Last time I rode on one was err, 20yrs ago. My kid wants to start playing around on a board and I have no clue as to what's good now a days, and of course you know hes going to want me to pick it up! grant it I could go grab a board from Wally World or k-tart, but they sux! And I'd need something that's going to take my weight(180) Plus I'd rather build it with him, lay the grip tape, press the bearings, and put it all together. Not that it would take long but it would mean more to him, so what's good, but not outrageously exspencive? JR

    armedtetrapod Loaded Pockets

    I longboard, if you aren't one of those guys who think we don't count as skaters.

    themadplumbarian Loaded Pockets

    Hey, it's flat, has two trucks, four wheels, eight bearings, and rolls don't it? Lol, JR
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    indigo_wolf AKA Breezy

    Outrageously expensive is just too darn vague. Just put a number range to it.

    Street only? Street and Dirt?

    Type of riding? Trick, cruising, downhill?


    Sparkey Loaded Pockets

    Try Skateone.com, Powell's website. the mini-logo stuff might be what you're looking for.

    themadplumbarian Loaded Pockets

    $50-60, street only, trick/cruise, JR