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Any firefighters on here?

Discussion in 'General EDC Discussion' started by zfelly34, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. Crash_Fistfight

    Crash_Fistfight Loaded Pockets

    Mar 7, 2007
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    So I thought I would share what we were up against in the battalion I promoted to captain in, so here goes!
    Battalion 19, way out in the western edge of our county, right up against the Coast Range with a major interstate running right up the middle, two other highways bisecting the area, at the intersection of the east/west highways and the north/south interstate freeway, 4 multistory hotels, several fast food joints, 3 major fueling points, a private (heavily used) airstrip, and a large truck stop. All of that right next to our little fire station.
    Further west a complex system of oilfields complete with pumping stations, tanks, and wells.
    The battalion itself consists of 305,600 acres or 478 square miles, 3 fire houses, 2 rural and 1 wildland, all staffed year round, housing 4 engines ( 2 type 1 and 2 type 3), 1 dozer transport and service unit, 1 type 6 brush patrol, and 1 type 1 water tender and 1 BC.
    we handled everything and everything that came our way with 2 person staffing on the county rigs and 5 on the type 3s and a paid call engineer on the water tender or brush patrol.
    The type 1s were outfitted as engine/truck/and rescue units 750 gal. tank, 1500gpm pumps and 500 gpm auxiliary pump for pump and roll capability . The type 3s were 500 tanks, 1000 gpm midship pumps and 500gpm aux pumps.
    The dozer was a heavy operated by an HFEO (heavy fire equipment operator)
    To give perspective on just how far out on the edge we were. it was 100+miles to our headquarters and 110 mile to my front door.
    It was an experience not to be missed, as a new captain I had a blank check as to how I got the job done, as long as I didn't break the rules or get anybody hurt, the sky was the limit. where I finished out my career.
    Oh, yeah. my engine ran about 2000 calls a year, so we were pretty busy, we worked a 48 on 48 off with a 6 day Kelly shift so that ride home was a very long trip sometimes.
    Thanks for letting an old, crusty captain run on, it was the best job anyone could ask for.

    Very challenging but I would not have traded those 3 years before I transferred back to the Metro Battalion
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  2. Chiles

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    Nov 7, 2009
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    Brother you can ramble on anytime! I was once told that if you're in a room with some of the more experienced guys having a conversation, shut up and listen. That's stuck with me since I started a few years ago and it's amazing what I've learned in doing so! You sound like you had potential for some messy stuff! Sounds similar to ours! We stay "steady" at ours, maybe our busiest days ranging from 6-10 calls. We are 24/48 schedules. I work 48's between fire and EMS so I'm 48 on 24 off. All our trucks are custom cabovers. The older trucks are 1500gpm Hale pumps with 750 gallons of water. Ladder trucks are quints (110' telescoping platform at my house, 75' telescoping platform in the south end) that have 500 gallon tanks and 2000 com Hale pumps. The new engines rolling in have 1000 gallon tanks and keeping the 1500gpm pumps. We have some ruuuuural areas with few hydrants so tanker operations aren't unheard of for us at all.
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