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Any cool things to buy in China?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Mobuse, Oct 5, 2011.

    Mobuse Loaded Pockets

    I'll be going to Shanghai and Beijing in a while...some tips on where to get some interesting stuff would be awesome. Maybe a GOOD chinese multitool (if it exists) or anything else....

    And does anone know if I can buy the Chinese Wonder Shovel (that one:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upypm2zsei8 ) in a shop over there?
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    95yjinpa Loaded Pockets

    I am sure you will find all kinds of goodies over there. Those shovels are defiantly cool!

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    able_man Loaded Pockets

    The Ganzo multitools are supposed to be pretty decent I think. People seem to like their knives anyway.
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    billwilson Loaded Pockets

    Will you be going solo or with the wife / GF ?? :)

    hatchetjack EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Homage watches.

    Mobuse Loaded Pockets

    With the girlfirend.....why?

    sbillard Loaded Pockets

    Brules Loaded Pockets

    Shop the antique markets in Shanghai and Bejing, there are lots of cool stuff. Look for SRM knives, you can usually buy them for around $4.
    Almost anything handmade is cheap. Clothing/luggage is inexpensive. If you like tea, pick up some Pearl Jasmine Tea.
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    vegassprky Loaded Circuits

    Maybe you could find something Made in America!
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    ?uesto Loaded Pockets

    I'm sure nothing you can't find here for ten times the price.. :/

    Kripto Evil Sid

    *Note : When I was there in 1999 this was the truth, don't know about now..*

    In China, lots of stuff is manufactured for the US, so you can get things like Northface, and Sierra Designs stuff there at 1/10th the cost. Lots of bazaars there have that kind of stuff.. I did more shopping in Xian and Hong Kong, but that's cause I spent more time there. Beijing has lots of great places to shop, but it's a big city and getting around was on the underground rail. I didn't see a lot of stuff there that I liked.

    If you get to Hong Kong, there is LOTS there to get and you can get a decent deal if you know where to go and have someone with you (or yourself) who speaks Cantonese. As a "whitey" I paid the tax for it and didn't always get the best deal. I also found that in the night markets you can get nearly anything on DVD but beware, you are likely to get "screeners" or vids shot by someone with a camcorder and tripod. The upside was, those videos that worked, I was able to watch movies on my laptop that were playing in the theater. ;)

    That's about all I have. Have a good trip and have fun!

    Mobuse Loaded Pockets

    Mobuse Loaded Pockets

    Stocking up on North Face gear would be great - now if I only knew how to tell the fake ones from the real things....

    Mobuse Loaded Pockets

    I might get some of those knives...

    Mobuse Loaded Pockets

    Does anyone know how much Fenix lights cost in China?

    Scottyzedinosaur Loaded Pockets

    Not EDC related, but you can pick up some lasers that burn holes in things that are the size of a compact flashlight...think 4sevens 123^2 size. I built my own, because I like "Made in America" things, hahaha. Granted, the components were made in China. I just soldered them together. It used to be my main hobby, over at laserpointerforums.com, which took me to CPF, which in turn brought me here. Heh:D

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    Scoman Loaded Pockets

    With regard to the clothing and footwear not all is fake. Some are seconds from the factory some are garments that the workers are allowed to have(possibly seconds) that they then sell on. Look at manufacturers labels in reputable shops locally, if it has made in China on it that means that they do at least manufacture in China. If it says Taiwan they won't be sold in China! The copies are v sophisticated these days, bear in mind Apple put pressure on the Chinese to shut down a number of fake Apple shops in Beijing, for all intensive purposes and look they were Apple shops.

    dsonyay Loaded Pockets

    You should be able to get tea for dirt cheap. stock up!

    Magnaminous_G Loaded Pockets

    I just came back from a trip to Xinjiang in China. Be aware that most stuff made in China is crap. Even the stuff they use themselves. The only things you should buy in China are handmade goods or artwork. I'm talking about things like lacquer boxes, hardwood furniture, paintings, calligraphy, stones, etc. If you buy those directly in China, the quality is often superb and the price is often a fraction of what you'd pay for the same thing in the U.S. For example, you might get a hand-carved chair in China for $50, when the same chair bought in New York would cost you $300.

    I agree with the above poster, tea and teapots is also a good idea. Very high quality for a low price.

    But stuff like EDC, bags, shoes, etc. Leave it in China! It's mostly crap, probably fake, and might even kill you (bad chemicals, etc.).

    NoobyNico Empty Pockets

    There is actually a HUGE shop for tactical gear (knives, holsters, lights, clothing, boots, camping gear, etc) in a a place called Yau Ma Tei in Hong Kong. They do have a website (www.supremeco.com.hk). I've been to the retail shop and bought a few knives. Though most are illegal to carry in Hong Kong (they have similar knife laws to NYC), you could probably get a way with a small 2-3 incher.