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Andrews Design Products Review

Discussion in 'Andrews Design LLC' started by Jim Hughes, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. Jim Hughes

    Jim Hughes Loaded Pockets

    Jun 13, 2016
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    First off let me state that I own dozens of Leather Artisans works, Etsy, on line, EDC , EDC Forums and Best of Leather sources. These items are Wallets, FN Covers, Passport Cases, Belts, other assorted pouches. I am a user/collector of these items, . Currently I have 50-60 pieces in my user/collector stash. Recently I came across Andrews Designs work here on the EDC Forums. Further research at his online web site amazed and intrigued me totally. I contacted Jon to purchase several of his design line items and request a custom, designed to spec item. Jon was very quick to reply, inspite of it being a weekend, at night inquiry. His customer service is incredible in this online world. This was more of a 1970 face to face, interaction of the most agreeable and pleasant nature. Jon was very helpful in making slight modifications to his current designs and went after my custom request in an unbelievably quick fashion. All his leather work is cut and shaped to the nanometer level using a laser cutter. He specially ordered the notebook , I wished a custom cover for and had it in his hands in 36 hours. Jon quickly came up with a design that met my needs totally and proceeded to schedule time on the laser cutter to cut out the pieces. These were assembled in 24 hours and were shipped to me post haste, at an incredibly moderate custom order price. Over the past 20 years I have had the opportunity to see and use fantastic leathers, designs and handwork. Jon's art exceeds all work I've obtained in the past. His leather is of a quality and Tanning to eliminate all but the smallest imperfection in markings and shadings. His hand stitching, very labor intensive, is perfect. Jon's finished pieces of art are of museum level craft quality in appearance and function. A simple fully functional design, cut to precise specs to fit your notebooks. These EDC pieces of art will last generations of heavy daily use in the most difficult environments. Truly your grandkids will, literally, fight over who gets Jon's work when your gone. His prices are very reasonable, considering the quality of leather and workmanship. I heartedly recommend Jon's EDC Art to you, as an overwhelmingly pleased owner/user.