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Airport EDC - EDC for Air Travel / Bag Recommendations

Discussion in 'EDC Bags' started by mrwhite1, Sep 7, 2010.

    mrwhite1 Loaded Pockets

    I have been speaking quite a bit with a collegue of mine jwhite75 about edc bags... While discussing normal level 3 / level 4 EDC options, I thought we should look into the developement of a Law Enforcement EDC.... While working on this idea, I have been thinking (in leu of an out-of-state trip I have later on in the week which will require me to fly) what would be the best EDC for traveling specifically via airlines?

    I know airport / airline restrictions seems to change on a daily basis, so I wanted to get some thoughts on these areas:

    1. EDC / EDC kit - carry on bag
    2. EDC / EDC kit - for checked baggage that can be used more extensively when I reach my destination.

    I thought it would be good to talk about what we can and can not get though TSA Security screenings.
    I'm under impression for the most part we could put our usual edc in our checked bags... You can even fly with firearms (checked) just slightly more hassle but doable.

    I am also wondering what are peoples recommendations for maximizing carry one capability. I see that most airlines are allowing a 'personal item.. ie laptop bag / briefcase' in addition to regular carry on. I usually take a backpack but it's been my experience it's kind of luck of the draw on how 'big' of bag they actually allow. I would be tempted to try my Maxpedition Doppleduffle, but I'm a little nervous it would get checked.
    Anyone have some suggestions for carryon bags and 'person item' bags?

    comando293 Loaded Pockets

    TSA webpage

    That should just about cover it.

    The prohibitions on lighters/ matches seem the most annoying. I guess just buy a bic or two when you get where you are going, or some lighter fluid.

    If you are checking a firearm, put all of your valuable knives/tools in the case, along with any valuable fragile gear, like camera lenses. This is to prevent theft and damage by security.

    Hebily Loaded Pockets

    You CAN fly with a filled lighter (NOT butane torch flame) or a book of (NOT strike anywhere) matches on your person.

    mrwhite1 Loaded Pockets

    Hmmm... Well it looks like I can take pretty much usual EDC in checked bags and should be good to go!

    Hebily Loaded Pockets

    Yep, just make sure you also carry the extra $30-75 "Bag Fee" - each way, and read the TSA rules a day or two before the trip to verify there have been no changes.

    squatch Loaded Pockets

    I have a small plane-friendly EDC kit in my computer/work bag. I travel somewhat frequently and try to make sure my outdoor kit is separate from my indoor kit. I never check luggage.

    The plane-friendly EDC kit includes:
    Boo-boo kit (super basic FAK)
    Needles, bobby pins, thread
    Book of matches
    Small AAA flashlight
    Nail clipper
    Spare AAA battery
    Small roll of duct tape
    A few zip ties

    I have been successful with bringing a mini FAK, but that may be confiscated depending on the TSA agent. I haven't experimented with bringing scissors or pliers (although I am tempted to get a disposable gerber multitool and grind off the blade).

    Mr Hahn Loaded Pockets

    I've traveled through many countries and averaged 300,000 miles of air travel per year while on active duty in the military. No matter what the TSA website says there's occasionally going to be some idiot that THINKS he makes the rules and he is going to take your cool looking toy (whatever that may be) away from you. Rule of thumb is be prepared to lose it if you carry it. I've missed flights (twice) because I was carrying classified material and I wouldn't let Joe Dropout look inside the box despite having all of the proper documentation and credentials, by the time the supervisor came back from wherever he was and got me through security my plane was gone. My biggest problems have all been here in the US, except for one time in Japan when they thought a dome shaped antenna looked like a bomb...

    mrwhite1 Loaded Pockets

    Think the new Maxpedition tactical roller / carry one and the XXL bag would work for carry on, or would XXL be too big?

    Or do you think I could get away with my pelican 1510 carry on and my backpack as personal item?