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9mm practice ammo... best deal? Will to do bulk.

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by greymethod, Jun 25, 2010.

    greymethod Loaded Pockets

    So I have a new Glock 19 coming in from GunBroker in a week. I want to grab some cheap practice ammo for a weekend of fun when it finally gets here.

    What do you guys recommend? Links would be helpful. If the price is right I'd be willing to buy 500+ (a "brick") rounds.

    P35 Loaded Pockets

    I shoot a lot of the Winchester White box, 9MM ammo. It's no the cheapest, but I have had good results with it in all my pistols. I watch the adds and stock up when on sale

    Skipperbrown Loaded Pockets

    Check your local walmart for wwb. They are usually as cheap as you can find it online. Keep your brass. 9mm is e z to reload and can be reloaded for about $0.12 a round or less (variable costs).

    Flight-ER-Doc Loaded Pockets

    Almost anything will do for practice - as long as it's jacketed in a Glock. Surplus, Wolf, whatever.

    Spydermonkey Loaded Pockets

    Ammotogo usually has some of the better deals. Right now they have Brown Bear for $171.95/1k and Silver Bear for $179.95/1k.

    warren55 Empty Pockets

    Stay away from CCI Blazer aluminum cased ammo.
    I bought a bunch of 9mm and it barely cycles the Glock.
    The case gets crushed by the bolt short stroking in the 9mm AR.
    In the past, this stuff was loaded a bit "hot". Maybe I got some bad boxes?

    I've had good luck with Winchester and Federal.

    chavez Loaded Pockets

    CCI Blazer Brass is good, inexpensive range ammo (brass not aluminum). The WWB is fine but a little dirtier.

    saniterra Loaded Pockets

    Winchester white box from Walmart is usually good, as is American Eagle, UMC, Sellier & Belliot, etc. However, if you're going to use a range, make sure that the bullet itself has copper case, as many ranges will not allow steel cased bullets. Some calibers of S&B have steel cased bullets. Many people speak highly of Georgia Arms "Canned Heat", but this is factory reloaded ammo.
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    chaosmagnet Loaded Pockets

    I buy whatever is cheapest in the way of brass-cased copper-jacketed FMJ. I've had good luck with S&B, Privi Partizan, Winchester, American Eagle, UMC, Blazer Brass, Fiocchi, and Speer Lawman, among others I'm probably forgetting.

    As to where to get it, I buy most of my ammo from ammoman.com or Cabela's. With Cabela's, I wait for a great deal and order six months before I plan to use it, so that the inevitable backorder has time to be filled. With ammoman.com, if there's a "buy" button it's in stock. I also check AIMSurplus, Natchez Shooters Supply, and Lucky Gunner. Lucky Gunner has a deal where you can turn in your brass for a credit towards ammo purchases.

    I have no affiliation with any of these other than as a customer.

    FreestyleAssassin Empty Pockets

    American Eagle, UMC, Blazer, Magtech or Ultramax would by my "top 5".

    Great source for bulk ammo if no one else had dropped this link - www.ammunitiontogo.com

    Look up 9mm FMJ amunition and see what's available.

    oef24 Loaded Pockets

    Keep checking your local Wal-Mart. I have been picking up some Federal 115gr FMJ for $9.97 for 50 rounds. That is the best deal I have been able to find locally and/or online for top tier manufacturer ammo.


    grayman Loaded Pockets

    pcsheriff1 Loaded Pockets

    I dont know where you are located but I recently switched to 9mm ball manufactured by a company called georgia Arms. (you'll have to google them). I think I paid less than a hundred for 500 rounds. It has not failed to fire in over 15,000 rounds so far. Good stuff at a very reasonable price. They usually sell in 500 round cans.