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5.11 Trainer Belt - Sizing

Discussion in 'EDC Clothing' started by ArnieJB, Dec 28, 2012.

    ArnieJB EDC Junkie!!!

    I am considering purchase of this belt as I already have the TDU belt, but I want something with a metal buckle now. The sizing chart says I am a medium, but several online reviews mention that they seem to run a little small so I may need a large. Does anyone have any input on the sizing? FYI, this will not be used for CCW carry, so I don't need the extra length for that.

    parnass Loaded Pockets

    Are you located in USA? If so, stop by a Bass Pro Shop or Gander Mountain store and try on the 5.11 belts. I had a sizing question about a 5.11 belt and it was answered when I tried them on at the store.
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    ac7ss Loaded Pockets

    Also, look for the uniform shop that your local police/fire personnel get their stuff from (ask one). They usually carry much of the 5.11 line. (or "tactical" shops)

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    Blue Lizard Empty Pockets

    If it helps, I'm usually a 32" waist and ordered a medium-size belt based on the 5.11 online size guide. Ended up swapping it for a large, which was much better in use.

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    elgie.l Loaded Pockets

    I bought my first one upsized and found the tag end reached too far around my waist so I ended up buying one marked for my normal belt size.

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    ArnieJB EDC Junkie!!!

    5.11 Trainer Belt (Charcoal with SS Buckle) came in today. Took the chance with the medium (32" waste) and it fits perfectly! I like the double thickness. It's much better with jeans than the TDU belt I have which I now reserve for shorts in the summer.

    ArnieJB EDC Junkie!!!

    32" waist that is ;)