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4Sevens Quark 123 R5 Edition is awesome! Pictures and small review.

Discussion in 'Flashlights & Other Illumination Devices' started by DemskeetSkeet, May 15, 2010.

    DemskeetSkeet Loaded Pockets

    For the first time I was able to see some 4Seven lights in person at a gun and knife show today in Birch Run, Michigan. I don't like to buy my EDC gear without seeing the items in person first, or before reading an extensive review, video, or pictures for that matter. Their were plenty to choose from, some took cr2's, cr123's, AA's, etc. I narrowed it down to a select few:
    Quark 123 Tactical
    Quark 123 R5 Edition
    123 Mini Titanium
    123 R2 Edition
    AA Mini Titanium

    Not sure what they have left but here is their website:

    I enjoyed all of them, simple elegant flashlights, excellent LED and mode technology.

    I was able to try out multiple 4sevens today. Jim that runs the site was extremely generous for letting me try out each of the lights before reaching my final decision:

    Quark 123 R5 Edition, and here's why:

    Integrated Pocket clip
    Lanyard with split ring, swivel McGizmo clip(not sure if it's a McGizmo brand), and two adjustable plastic pulls.
    A nice belt nylon sheath with elastic sides. Extra O-rings.
    Tail click with momentary to cycle through the modes.
    Lastly the modes and outputs:
    205 Lumens max, with 5 brightness settings + SOS, Strobe, and Beacon.

    The lowest setting on this light is called "moon light" as it's a very dim brightness, great for looking at maps on the road or for those moments where you don't want to bother anyone with your light.

    Lastly the good stuff, pictures:

    All 4sevens lights that I handled today were all well presented. Soft and smooth box with a magnetic front flap so you can see the light and what it has to offer. Even a little background information on 4seven's. A couple of the smaller lights were in a "jewelery" type box.


    Here is the Quark 123 next to a couple of CR123's lithium ions.

    A nice feature with the pocket clip is that the bottom of it protrudes away from the flashlights body for easy attachment to any type of clothing:

    A picture of the adjustable lanyard:

    One of my favorites with this light: Nylon sheath with a plastic loop, belt loop, and elastic on the sides.

    Lastly is a picture of the lanyard and sheath together showing that you can use both with no problem whatsoever.

    If you have any questions feel free to post or email me. I'm sure Jim from www.Howesknifeshop.com can answer some questions as well. Great service(especially for letting me try each light at the show today), and great products.

    ssmtbracer EDC Junkie!!!!!

    I love my 4sevens I have the the single cell regular. I also carry a surefire E2D LED which the 4sevens is a different type of beam its still just as bright in the high setting.

    urbanSamurai Loaded Pockets

    Nice write-up! I just got a AA^2 and I'm pretty pleased with it!

    greyhound352 Loaded Pockets

    Great review, I have been looking for a single cell, cr123 type light to go along with the surefire light. This might be something worth looking into. I also like to see the item before making a purchase.

    watchcollector1968 Loaded Pockets

    Good reading. Have been peeking at their lights for a while...having trouble making a choice and I think you just helped.

    DemskeetSkeet Loaded Pockets

    Thanks! If you have questions on the others I can help somewhat since I played with all of them.

    Red Horn Loaded Pockets

    Get the clip-less version. Clip not nearly as practical as on their lengthier lights. Single 123 is bezel up carry only leaving lens exposed, is non-removable and makes it harder to insert into the nice sheath that comes with light.

    DemskeetSkeet Loaded Pockets

    I do agree with you but having this wonderful clip, it can be attached to your cap for hands free! Being in construction(demolition, framing, small creepy basements, etc. lol).

    It's all preference really. I do wish sometimes that the clip wasn't their(or even removable for that matter).

    I forgot to post run times for each mode so I will post those soon.

    Lord Bear Loaded Pockets

    Don't have a Quark but do have the Mini123. Talk about the mouse that roared! This wee beastie has major WOW factor. The output is literally s*t*u*n*n*i*n*g, and from such a small package! Way to go 4Sevens!

    LumberJack Empty Pockets

    How's the beam? Throwy, floody, etc?
    I'm thinking of getting one in the future, a 123 edition, then buy a 2xAA extension cube and maybe a 2x123 extension tube :)

    MedXLT Empty Pockets

    More flood than throw. Very useful beam!

    PBJS II Loaded Pockets

    Should it ever come to pass that I am able to replace my P2D Q5 I plan it's replacement to be a 1AA Quark! The reasoning is I can use any AA and be nearly as bright as my P2D or run a Li-Ion cell for an even brighter light that will still get VERY dim for late night use.

    sjmack Loaded Pockets

    It's definitely more floody, but it has so much output the hotspot is noticable for quite a ways.

    qharjo Empty Pockets

    If I understand the Quarks right, you can't do a 123^2 tube on a 123 head. The pill's not designed for that much voltage. The 123^2 head will do 9V, the 123/AA/AA^2 will do up to 4.2V.

    nativecajun57 Empty Pockets

    You will not regret it. I just recieved a 2 cell R2 from 4sevens. Old stock I suppose. Picked it up for a little less than 45. Still has some and they are really not much different than the R5s. I sure wished he had a good deal like that for a single cell. I bought this one as a present for someone. I preffer single cell lights. But i must admit for a 2 cell light the one I got in the mail today was not very long but a wonderful light to hold and operate.


    dmattaponi Loaded Pockets

    Just ordered a Quark Mini 123 R5 yesterday for $39 with free shipping. Looking forward to receiving it.

    indigo_wolf AKA Breezy

    Like the Preon 1/2 much better after it/they got the ScotchBrite satin treatment.

    Preon 1 Clicky... a bit more stiction than I like in a Clicky (but I expect that is a result of the 3 piece switch).... otherwise.... poifect :thumbsup: :roof: :thumbsup:

    The Mini CR2 is definitely a candidate for ScotchBrite Satin treatment too.

    Like the Mini CR2 much better after I found the momentary switch. :dance: :crackup: