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$300 Admin pouch ???

Discussion in 'Other Carrying Devices' started by karlito, Feb 21, 2012.

    Pseudonym Loaded Pockets

    I was thinking about that, but wouldn't those also register as bids?

    jnsn Loaded Pockets


    Makahbay Banned

    Drugs. Obviously drugs.

    MartinDWhite Loaded Pockets

    There are a lot of BOTs, computer programs, watching bids and average selling prices of similar items to try and buy/resell at profit. It is happening for sure on Amazon, I bet this is it happening on Ebay. BOTs often fight each other and cause artificial price wars.

    Combat-Trout Empty Pockets

    Amazing, just amazing...

    Max Archer Loaded Pockets

    Betcha anything it went to an airsofter. I used to play and there were guys in the community who had thousands sunk into buying real tactical gear, even down to interceptor vests and the ceramic plates to go in them. Not to mention that they'd take a $400 airsoft gun and do $300 of internal mods, $500 worth of stocks, rail systems, metal body conversions, and slap $1500 worth of Surefire lights and EoTech optics onto them. Most of these dudes are single and college educated with jobs in IT or engineering or whatever that are paying them six figures a year, and $600 on that unobtainable real SEAL admin panel to match their vest is nothing to them.

    nick nitro Loaded Pockets

    I would like to know if the seller actually got paid...

    Sriracha Loaded Pockets

    I think Chris Reeve farted in the general direction of this pouch, and thus made it so much better than any other pouch in existence. Evar.

    medic2807 Loaded Pockets

    The fine print said in contained 40 grams of black tar heroin. That explains it.

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    temujin Uber Prepared

    I think this thread has just about come to the end of its useful life.
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    neutrontech Loaded Pockets

    Can't fault the guy selling it. If I knew people would pay that much, I'd be selling them too. A fool and his money are soon parted. People throw money around in stupid ways everyday. If you're clever enough to get it, then more power to you. As long as you aren't cheating, lying, or stealing, that is. And honestly, if something is for bid on ebay, the bidder has the entire internet at their disposal to verify value. If he/she still wants to bid that high, well that's their problem.

    Gollum24601 Loaded Pockets

    That is ridiculous. Somebody must be sniffing melted 550 cord fumes.
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    evolutionglitch Loaded Pockets

    I think it is funny that we EDC'ers judge them for paying too much, when we are judged daily for dropping coin on custom knives on a regular basis... That being said, you wouldn't catch me dead buying that admin pouch for that. :D I do think something hinky is afoot, but to tell the truth, I just don't care enough to figure out what :p
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    barlow666 Loaded Pockets

    Are they really "collectable" to that point? Or is there something strange going on here?

    brotherlen Loaded Pockets

    I mean, that was a pretty sweet flashlight pouch.

    musicman13 Loaded Pockets

    Whatever happened to that ression I thought we were in?

    gabemaita Empty Pockets

    shouldnt be to hard to get gear with that pattern. its not just for seals, seabees are getting it issued now.

    AcerCulter Loaded Pockets

    Well, at least, custom knives can also be viewed as actual pieces of usable art (please don't counter with "you can call anything art"...just please). Additionally, dropping a little extra cash for knives does generally give a you a performance boost (either in comfort, edge retention, pocket retention, F&F, etc.), so they're somewhat more justifiable.
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    gabemaita Empty Pockets

    mabey it was made by Atwood
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    Legend Loaded Pockets

    I swear to God if you slap Navy Seals or Devgru on something "Tactical" people go nuts!