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1/4" hex to 4mm hex Micro Bit Adapter

Discussion in 'MultiTools and Other Pocket Tools' started by bquinlan, Oct 4, 2009.

    bquinlan Loaded Pockets

    Wiha finally makes an adapter that will allow you to use their wonderful 4mm hex Micro Bits with a standard 1/4" hex driver. But I am never satisfied... :idiot2:

    Has anyone modified a Micro Bit adapter so it will work in a Leatherman flat-bit driver? I really want a Mciro Bit adapter that will fit directly into my Surge. Any suggestions on how to go about finding or making something like that?

    I have made the pleasant discovery that Micro Bits take up a lot less room than standard 1/4" hex bits, so I am carrying them to save space and weight.

    --Bob Q

    dfinf2 Loaded Pockets

    The easiest way I could imagine to do this, at least judging by the picture


    is to remove the 1/4inch part in some way and insert/replace with one of the flat bits that Leatherman makes. The other way would be to get a grinder and set aside some time and grind the 1/4inch part down to the specs of the flat bit adapter on the Surge. Think I might have to pick one up and take a look at it!

    Xerxes Loaded Pockets

    I too discovered micro bits recently, when I bought a Kamasa ratchet driver for my going-away-from-home tool kit. I haven't had to use them yet.

    They're probably not as good as Wiha; it's hard to get the full range of Wiha products in the UK. Does anyone know any good sources?

    bquinlan Loaded Pockets

    Wiha has a web site for England: http://wiha.com/england

    --Bob Q

    Xerxes Loaded Pockets

    And I'd never found it. Thanks very much.

    pagga Loaded Pockets

    I don't know about the bits, but I imagine they're hardened. If you do go the grinder route, don't forget to keep the metal cool so it doesn't lose its temper. Pretty easy for a small piece like that to heat up...you might even be better off with some sort of clamp/file arrangement.