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  1. TAKE A SHOT - XTAR Charger Photography Competition to Win New Product QUEEN ANT MC6!


    To celebrate the new product of our MC series line - the QUEEN ANT MC6 - we are holding a photography competition worldwide! We will select five winning participants who will each receive a prize of the QUEEN ANT MC6!

    Let us take a sneak peek of the prize - QUEEN ANT MC6!

  2. TEC Accessories Pixel Ti Giveaway

    WINNER ANNOUNCED! Post #35: weklund

    Hi all! It's been a while since we have held a giveaway, so let's get right to it.

    We are thinking about putting together some gift sets for the holidays, and would like to get some feedback to see if there is enough interest to create a few variations. We had offered them during our Pixel Ti Kickstarter campaign, and they were extremely popular.

    We are considering a titanium Pixel Ti with titanium bead/lanyard and Python clip, perhaps an Embrite glow fob keychain set up (i.e. titanium glow fob, UFO, P-7 Clip), and maybe another keychain set up with a titanium PicoPen Ti and...
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