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  1. Cross give away.

    I have this old set of gold filled Cross pen and pencil, that has been sitting in a desk drawer for about 35 years. Not use much because my old worn chrome Cross is always in my shirt pocket. I would like them to go to a good home where a quality writing instrument is appreciated, so I am doing a giveaway for them.

    I'll leave it open until the 17th of August, and do a drawing out of the hat with your post number as your entry. The giveaway is open to all forum members, no matter where you are. I will not ship off planet though, so be advised.

    Thank you.

    And the winner is @mbick! Please contact...
  2. XTAR 10th Anniversary Sale - 20% Off! All Over the World!


    This promotion will run from August 15-31, in both online stores or local shops, and rules may vary from different retailers. You can buy any XTAR products with 20% off, except for XTAR batteries and accessories, from the participating XTAR distributors listed below.

    Time to stock up and try out new XTAR products with 20% off! Make sure to buy from your local participating distributors in advance before the stock of your favorite items runs out.

  3. XTAR GIVEAWAY: XTAR Slogan Wanted! Prize $1000 USD in Cash! WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

  4. XTAR Product Survey Giveaway – EDC Flashlight!


    Thanks again for all who participated and the two winners of the giveaway is.....

    Tony Sal

    Please tell PM us your shipping info for the prize of XTAR RC2 MOON Hands-free Flashlight! More giveaways will come in the near future. Hope you all had fun! Thank you!

    Here is the Random list:
  5. EDCF's Got Talent -- The Craftsman's Corner Returns!

    Over the last decade, we’ve seen some great works wrought by the hands of our creative members, from leather and Kydex, to knives and beads, to titanium toothpicks and paracord knot work -- and more. It’s time again to let our members show off their talents. That’s right! It’s the return of the Craftsman forum. If you are an individual maker of items that are edc-related, we invite you to show and sell your wares in the Craftsman’s Corner forum. Guidelines are below. If you are interested in promoting and selling your items, please contact scríbhneoir or xbanker. Let's see your stuff!...