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  1. XTAR Christmas + DARKWALKER RC1 + Black Friday Big Sales Giveaway! Let’s play the game!

    Topic#1: XTAR Christmas Giveaway! (END, but topic#3 begins now! Check out below)

    Prepare your Christmas gift list now! Just tell us what XTAR product you want by leaving a comment here. Any products that are shown on www.xtar.cc can be your Christmas gift! Choose one now!

    Time: Nov. 23 – 29; one winner will be announced on Nov. 30, 2016.
    PS: You can choose any product on www.xtar.cc – but just one.

    Topic#1 winner is @ Cobra 6 Actual (The...
  2. EDCForums Special Edition Products from TEC!

    Limited number and available only on EDCForums! (number available in parentheses)
    Available on a first-come, first-served basis! Get a jump start on your holiday shopping...or treat yourself!

    Splash-anodized titanium accessories in color patterns not likely to be reproduced. Images below are representative of the products offered and are presented here only to show the color/pattern. For more product images, please visit the TEC Accessories website.

    If you are interested in purchasing one of these special edition items,

    1. Message scribhneoir. Put the name of the exact item and color you want...
  3. Check out the EDCF Craftsman's Corner!