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  1. XTAR GIVEAWAY: XTAR Slogan Wanted! Prize $1000 USD in Cash! WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

  2. XTAR Product Survey Giveaway – EDC Flashlight!


    For the purpose of developing a most favorable and popular EDC flashlight for you, we are eager to hear your suggestions!

    In return, we will pick two winners here! And the prize is an XTAR MOON RC2 Flashlight!

    How to enter:
  3. XTAR GIVEAWAY Part 2: XTAR MOON RC2 Multipurpose Rechargeable Light Giveaway!


    Thanks again for all who participated and the two winners of the giveaway is.....


    Please tell PM us your shipping info! And don't forget to participate in another giveaway here.
    Hope you all had fun! Thank you!


  4. EDCF's Got Talent -- The Craftsman's Corner Returns!

    Over the last decade, we’ve seen some great works wrought by the hands of our creative members, from leather and Kydex, to knives and beads, to titanium toothpicks and paracord knot work -- and more. It’s time again to let our members show off their talents. That’s right! It’s the return of the Craftsman forum. If you are an individual maker of items that are edc-related, we invite you to show and sell your wares in the Craftsman’s Corner forum. Guidelines are below. If you are interested in promoting and selling your items, please contact scríbhneoir or xbanker. Let's see your stuff!...
  5. 47,000 Registered Members! And a little surprise!

    This past weekend, EDCF reached 47,000 registered members! And who was the 47,000th?


    So SneakyPete, we've got a little EDCF welcome gift for you. How about an EDCF branded Queen Cutlery Small Stockman with GID handles?

    @SneakyPete, please contact me with your shipping info, and welcome to EDCF!