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What's your go to 9mm Ammo?

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by Carcass, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. ocabj

    ocabj Loaded Pockets

    My standard 9mm ammo has pretty much been:

    124gr (preferably jacketed)
    4.2gr Titegroup
    CCI #500
    Any brass (usually Winchester)

    I ran the gamut of 9mm bullets, but I like Montana Gold and Precision Delta. I have run plated Berry and Rainier with the same recipe without issue.

    But to be honest in the past 12 months or so, my reloading for pistol has fallen off, mainly because I have been using a single stage and turret press for the past decade and a half or so, in combination with the fact I don't compete in High Power Service Rifle anymore. So my reloading 'pipeline' / workflow isn't as optimized as it used to be, and I am not 'required' to commit time to brass prep and what not (if I were competing). Thus, I have gotten lazy / lax in reloading 9mm. I have pondered adding a Dillon 650 to my tool kit.

    That being said, my go to factory 9mm ammo for shooting is 115gr or 124gr Winchester white box. For some reason I like Winchester 9mm brass.

    I used to run Speer Gold Dot for the defense load, but have recently been running Hornady 115gr Critical Defense (G19 and G26) and Hornady 135gr Critical Defense (for the G17).
  2. Carcass

    Carcass Loaded Pockets

    I'm going to my first gun show this weekend. I'm not sure if I'll find any deals but I'm hoping to find some 9mm ammo. Any suggestions on what to look for or what to avoid? Thanks
  3. Enzo01

    Enzo01 Loaded Pockets

    Gold Dot and if that's not available then Gold Dot or a third choice would be a Gold Dot.......
  4. HardToHandle

    HardToHandle Loaded Pockets

    I think Massad Ayoob or contemparies suggested carry rounds based on your local law enforcement. The concept was you would have a supportable presumption in court that you chose an effective self defense cartridge. For the OP, I have found that a decent reason, after testing to confirm it works.

    I carry Speer Gold Dot, generally 124gr in 9mm. In 40S&W I usually carried Hornday in the 165gr range. I know fairly switched on guys who often carried FMJs - the rationale being bullet placement trumps bullet design. I have not adopted that strategy personally.
  5. MicroMike

    MicroMike Loaded Pockets

    I've been thinking about switching out 115gr Critical D to the 124gr Gold Dots.
  6. Carcass

    Carcass Loaded Pockets

    Found some good ammo at $8.99 for 50 rounds.

    - Geco 124 Gr.
    - Remington UMC 115 Gr.
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