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Triple Antibiotic Ointment - single use doses

Discussion in 'First Aid Station' started by Eagle Scout, Dec 1, 2012.

    Iolaus Loaded Pockets

    I don't know it it's a regular stock item, but I bought a small box of single-use antibiotic off the discount rack at Albertson's Grocery Store.

    tmedina EDC Junkie!!!!!

    That's a very cool website - thanks!
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    ac7ss Loaded Pockets

    Got mine last week, a little leaky, but THANKS.

    2die4 Loaded Pockets

    I got mine. One didn't make but it was no biggie. Thank you.
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    mooshi Loaded Pockets

    I got mine last week too, thanks! :D
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    xbanker Ad Hoc Admin

    Thanks for the heads-up ... will check it out next week when I restock the pantry.

    just1man Loaded Pockets

    Got these in the mail today - as others noted, a bit leaky (2 of them), but 3 winners!

    Thanks again - got them ready to go in my kit.