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Tom's Smart Alec Redesign

Discussion in 'Tom Bihn' started by TOM BIHN Crew, Nov 16, 2012.

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    TOM BIHN Crew Loaded Pockets


    Preview of the Upper Pocket for the Smart Alec.

    The Upper and Lower Pockets as well as the 1" GateKeeper Straps (aka Accessory Straps) will be up for pre-order on Monday.
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    jujigatame Loaded Pockets

    Looking good. I don't suppose they're going to ship with an HDS light inside....;)
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    billybag Loaded Pockets

    Sealed the deal.
    I'll be ordering my bag and the pockets as soon as I get the $$ saved.
    Great job on the design TBihn.

    ShadowE Loaded Pockets

    oooooooooo....snap! :) :) :)

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