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The "What have you got in the mail?" thread - Part 2

Discussion in 'General EDC Discussion' started by Dr Jekell, Nov 4, 2012.

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    Thukydides Loaded Pockets

    They are harder than the chain? The chain actually was a very hard puzzle!
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    Fabregas485 Loaded Pockets

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    dalewa Loaded Pockets

    A Strider PT
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    mlehto Loaded Pockets

    Just ordered this last night.

    I don't know why but the traditional stuff is really starting to call my name.

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    Thukydides Loaded Pockets

    There is a cheat way to solve it. But that's not the solution of this puzzle.
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    Fabregas485 Loaded Pockets

    Will take this to a pm so we dod not give away the solution

    deeker Loaded Pockets

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    Quixotica Loaded Pockets

    Just ordered a SS Glow Fob, some assorted split rings, and a sampo swivel last night. Finally, a glow fob to put my villain topper on top of. :)

    jacobwilson99 Loaded Pockets

    Still bitter ye didn't win one? ;)
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    Mumbojumboo EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Monday and last knife of the year.. I haven't been this excited for a knife in years..

    and yes I just quoted myself.:p
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    KAMM Loaded Pockets

    Not just once but TWICE! :) can't wait to see it!
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    Quixotica Loaded Pockets

    Bitter doesn't even begin to describe :p
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    armedtetrapod Loaded Pockets

    5.11 tongue twister
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    forestgrump Loaded Pockets

    Came home to three items.

    Edcforum buff
    2 skinths
    1 demand for customs fee....which hopefully means I will have my edcforum coin tomorrow :D

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    Ogre Banned

    some stuff taking forever to get to me.....

    5.11 double duty belt

    gray camp nano carabiner

    6 pack of panasonic CR123s

    and ye old chibenza.....that will probably take a month im guessing

    Sniperx7 Loaded Pockets

    Syclone Loaded Pockets

    In the mail...Southernpendesigns CF fountain pen, Spyderco Des Horn, Olight Ti Transformer(x2)
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    Red33 Loaded Pockets

    Im so ashamed...Another TAD gear Ranger Hoodie LT...this time in green... Wife bought me the gray for Christmas in Large and its a little snug...Thinking of giving it to my son. He doesnt really care for the look though. May end up selling it in the forums. I order an XL this time. Room to grow...lol.
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    forestgrump Loaded Pockets

    After what seems like forever...... My edcforum challenge coin and keyring are in their rightful place.

    My pockets :D

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    marcalbar Loaded Pockets

    Quantum D2
    Ice blue trits

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