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Key Hangers

Discussion in 'Keychain Tools' started by lechuck, Jan 7, 2013.

    lechuck Loaded Pockets

    This is key chain related, hope it's not too off topic. I thought regular hooks were boring for holding keys, so I used some cabinet catches instead. So far they work really well, and even really heavy key chains don't jump out of them.


    These are the hangers I used, I'm sure any similar hardware would do the job. Pretty cheap too, 0.93 each.


    kertap75 EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Neat idea. How much weight will those hold?
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    6_String_Jams Loaded Pockets

    I can dig it....may give this a shot.

    lechuck Loaded Pockets

    I haven't done a real weight test. It holds all our keys plus my 'everything else' chain which has a half dozen keys, two LEDs, LM Style, half dozen rings, some other assorted stuff. I'll happily do a weight test when I get home, I'd be interested to know myself.
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    nuphoria Loaded Pockets

    Superb out of the box thinking :)
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    Oaklington Loaded Pockets

    You think they could be used to hand shirts on clothes hangers? That would be cool :cool:

    karandras Loaded Pockets

    Lechuck> that's a cracking idea, might have to try that myself.

    I like what you did there. LOL.
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    Hartigan EDC Junkie!!!

    Great idea !! +1 :cool: Very cool.

    lechuck Loaded Pockets

    My overflow key chain weighs about 8 oz and it's been hanging solid for a week or two now. At 2lbs the lucky line cable just jumped out. Split ring barely held - easily dislodged by a bump. At 1.5lbs it felt a little more solid, the lucky line jumped out with a bump but the split ring was ok. Around 14 oz the lucky line stayed put with some jostling. I don't know if the springs will wear out much - I probably won't ever load them with much more than 10 or 12 oz.
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    Elder Futhark Loaded Pockets

    Love that idea Lechuck!

    Right now I am using a stainless steel knife magnetic strip from Ikea. Works perfect! And slick looking too :)