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Forum Finances.

Discussion in 'Member Guidelines & Announcements' started by JonSidneyB, Jun 11, 2012.

    Donut Loaded Pockets

    I'm sure they're willing to make 11 exceptions to that rule per year. :)
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    thePlumbah Meowderator

    BUMPin' cause this is why we roll with Forum wide GiveAWays :spin:
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    stevecny Loaded Pockets

    Just renewed my badge. I didn't realize I've been posting nekkid. :D

    For us absent-minded folk, I would also love to see an auto-renewal feature for users who choose to opt-in.
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    thePlumbah Meowderator

    Have you gone to the Forum Wide Give AWay and said "I'm in"?!!?

    Go man, GO!! >>-> Extra Specal 2012 - 2013 Forum Give-Away!

    rickboone Loaded Pockets

    let others run the forum so it does not compete. transfer ownership to a few mods and members. you run the store. im not real sure how dogs prohibit your work choices.... not my business.

    I know a gentleman that started a forum. Then...a business. He no longer "owns" the forum. He sold it, gave it away, did something. He is still active and most people assume he still owns the forum, but he does not. He owns his store.

    The only thing I'd see from stepping out of the forum totally is it seems many of your sales are forum driven. Perhaps I am wrong? Even still...such as the case of my friend...you don't have to own the forum or run anything with it in order to be a part of it. So...eliminate that headache. Wipe your hands free of the forum responsibility. They will still work together and compliment one another, just you don't have to worry about the funds for the forum, nor the time. The forum can run off fundraisers, memberships, advertisers, etc. All of which the moderators and admins will here on out control and handle. You sit back and enjoy posting and filling orders. You have a person/s of which you keep contact with in running your store through the forum; such as specials, forum goodies, etc.
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    thePlumbah Meowderator

    For those of you who are subscribed to this thread and don't know already, there is a way to help the Forum soon...Buy this knife>The Next EDCF Knife

    T.H.Cone I am senor Fluffy, hear me roar

    I admire what you are doing, SAKp, but this could have waited until 4:15 AM Monday morning. (I get up at 4:10 AM):p
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    cowsmilk Bovinistrator

    There won't be any left at 0405.:D

    Sent from my phone while I'm supposed to be working.
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    JonSidneyB Uber Prepared

    I am not worried about the Native 5 moving. I am worried about how fast I can reinvest it to get wider.
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    cowsmilk Bovinistrator

    Do you have another item/s lined up behind the sprint run?

    Sent from my phone while I'm supposed to be working.

    T.H.Cone I am senor Fluffy, hear me roar

    LOL... that was not funny!
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    O.J. Loaded Pockets

    Can't wait!
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    Valerian Tea-powered admin

    In that case, you need to increase the price. Come one, it will be even more exclusive!

    (Why do I have this feeling that they'll be up sometime in the wee hours and when I wake up, they'll all be gone.)
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    Narcosynthesis Loaded Pockets

    On the note about shills, I do wander what effect you would get by outing them publicly - as I see it the current problem is that multiple manufacturers are finding it more productive to quietly shill their product via the forum than to supply the store as a dealer. Obviously this is against the rules, but there is no real consequence for a manufacturer doing this - if they get caught, then they get banned and really lose nothing. I am wandering if putting out some negative consequences to shilling will push manufacturers in the direction of working with the forum (either as a craftsman/manufacturer type deal, or by using the store as a dealer and advertiser on the forum).
    Showing a 'black list' of manufacturers caught shilling would wipe out any gain from shilling here, and turn many members against them and lose them sales. This way there will be far less incentive for someone to shill their products, and give them an incentive to instead work with Jon and gain an allowable method to harness the potential promotion available here.

    I will admit to no real knowledge of running forums or small businesses, but this makes sense to me logically so I figured it worth mentioning. If there are unseen reasons it wouldn't work, or other consequences I have missed then that is completely understandable.
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    JonSidneyB Uber Prepared

    My situation does not match most other forum owners. Most forum owners have a job that is not a store. If I tried to shift to advertising I wouldn't last a month. We would have to be massively more efficient at it that any forum I have ever seen. It would involve things I am not willing to do.

    The problem could be easily fixed. If I could buy the same things other vendors could by I then would have the revenue to invest in the store and get wider. Over and over again I get the word that they are getting plenty of traffic from the forum.

    I am in a race to find suppliers before the Spyderco run is over as that might be the last big chance to be able to make a few reasonable size purchase. If I only fill the outages which I will there will not be enough width to be sustainable. I may have picked up three suppliers out of fifty. Two I think will only help at the smallest of measures. The other will help but will not be enough by my estimate.

    I have had a couple people contact me telling me they get more traffic from the links on the forum then their own networking attempts. I am going to keep trying. The members have gone above and beyond to help and they bought me time. I did let people know that it will buy time but unless I pick up some manufacturers it is going to be a very rough road.

    I need a place to invest the current revenue then pay the bills from it, not directly from the Spyderco stream or it will waste away.

    I have not given up, I am going to keep pounding at trying to find more suppliers. I am going to have to try and double the base.

    A few have said not enough members care if there is shilling. Some will care a lot but they don't think the masses will.
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    Narcosynthesis Loaded Pockets

    I will admit that I don't know how you run the current system of having craftsmen and manufacturers linked to the forum, so I may have inadvertently misworded myself (or just not been clear enough with what I was trying to say).

    We have a public black list shaming those trying to underhandedly get promotion against the forum rules - easy enough, and hopefully an incentive to avoid shilling as they would hopefully lose any potential customers they would have earned, plus potentially a few existing ones who bought their product anyway.
    On the other side, we do want to essentially 'sign up' manufacturers to join the cause - what I am wandering about would be trading forum time for the manufacturer for being added as a dealer. The manufacturer appears on the forum (labelled as such to let everyone know they are perhaps biased towards themselves ;) ), gets the promotion they wanted out of shilling, and also a public face (and I am certain I am not alone in more friendly towards a company showing a human face and not just a corporate copy/paste email account), and as a bonus, if you have their stock, the promotion they do hopefully feeds back into more store sales.
    That would give you the sustainable (and scalable) income through the store, rather than a regular but small fixed sum as you spoke of earlier.

    Certainly at the moment some have commented that they have no reason to sign up as such as they already get the free promo they want, which is where I think a black list of the underhanded guys secretly piggybacking on the forums success would give them some incentive to work with you.

    Again, I will bow towards your knowledge of the actual business side of things, but this does seem to make sense from a logical side of things, assuming there isn't something daft I am missing.
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    JonSidneyB Uber Prepared

    The problem I run into is that I have smaller buying opportunities. I just want to be able to buy inventory wide enough that is self sustaining. Too narrow and it shrinks. There are some places that will admit it is because I have a forum.
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    thePlumbah Meowderator

    There are a whole lot of Members here who will hammer it home that a vendor(little "v") refused to work with Us(the Forum and its Members) and, like many have opened their eyes about MaxPediddle, many more will be turned off by them. The Forum has Supporters, and We don't need every vendor out there. But the Vendors in the Forum Store!? We'll keep buying the stock out.:p
    EDIT: As a matter of fact, I don't have enough Tec Accessories product. An I don't have a Case knife(yet) and plan to buy one from you, but after hearing that you had to buy them from another dealer, because Case won't sell to you, I want to have one, and want to help move stock, but I don't want you to have to buy more. Unless Case starts talking seriously to you...if they don't than Case won't be one of the knives I collect.
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    Quixotica Loaded Pockets

    I know that feel. I need more python clips, a centipede, an inchworm, some more glow fobs, a few more P7's...
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    J_C Loaded Pockets

    I dug around on the Case web site and found their dealer application form. They do ask a number of questions about whether you have a storefront, whether your address is a residence, etc, they don't really seem to mandate that you have an actual storefront. Maybe they do after you answer the questions, but they didn't publish it specifically.

    They do ask for bank and trade references, and the lowest level dealer (Silver) requires carrying 50 SKUs and being able to achieve a $5000.00 credit limit, whatever that entails.

    All of the details are here: http://www.beacasedealer.com

    Only problem I see with it (you could qualify) is that the formumites here seem to be a younger crowd and not into the traditional-style knives, and that there is a fair amount of competition online so you'd hafe to to compete to some extent on price, and it would be important to make your store pop up on search engines so people would find you when looking for specfic models or patterns.

    Jon, worst case is you sell the web site and just run the store. Apparently it's worth over 6 figures:

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