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EDCF Stickers

Discussion in 'EDCF Branded Gear' started by JonSidneyB, Jul 25, 2010.

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    Hartigan EDC Junkie!!!

    :):frantic: Yeah a EDCF-sticker:D . I'd get one ..... or six :cool:


    We want a EDCF-sticker ;):D
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    • Administrator

    JonSidneyB Uber Prepared

    I might try again when I can.

    They really were not successful. The last one I sold was returned. It turns out they had dried out and I had to throw them all away.
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    Cornholio2188 Loaded Pockets

    Ah-that's such a bummer. It seems now that people are much more willing to sport EDCF on everything possible...too bad there just couldn't be a limited run or something like that. I guess it's just a tough thing to sell :/
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    jnsn Loaded Pockets

    man i would have taken the dried out stickers, a little clear packing tape and id have them plastered all over my garage/toolbox.
    regardless id still take 1or 2 if they become available again.
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    Matt130 Loaded Pockets

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    Hartigan EDC Junkie!!!


    We want a EDCF-sticker ;):D
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    GSDadventures Loaded Pockets

    Yes I would love to see some EDCF stickers! The first ones looked great! Any word on more patches?
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    Norse Scots Loaded Pockets

    ^^^^ + 1 of each lol patches and stickers wooot :bounce:
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    hunter s gatherer EDC Junkie!!!

    Why not do the static adhered stickers? No adhesive to worry about.
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    CatherineM Loaded Pockets

    Static cling doesn't work to good at -40. Then again, not much does.

    Sent by Owl Post
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    amacman Loaded Pockets

    Sure they do, just lick the surface and apply the sticker ;)
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    automaticjack Loaded Pockets

    Is that youthe kind that you put on the inside of car windows and peel off again?

    from droid
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    gibbsrule9 Loaded Pockets

    Who wouldn't want a Forum sticker? I'd buy a dozen if they were available.
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    Norse Scots Loaded Pockets

    Stickers !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Patches !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gime! :)

    Quixotica Loaded Pockets

    I wouldn't mind a smaller forum sticker. Something that would fit on the cover of my large size Moleskine would be awesome. A 3x5" size I could do something with several of. The larger one, not as much. :)
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    Mighty Max Loaded Pockets

    Does anyone have a vector of the EDCF logo? I'm down to cut one out and stick it on my car.
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    hunter s gatherer EDC Junkie!!!

    Correct! No trying to get sticky stuff off your window or exterior car panels. Of course, it does present some trade offs. This kind may not stick to some surfaces that the adhesive kind will.
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    fresh eddie fresh Loaded Pockets

    You can also do magnets for cars... you just have to be careful about grit getting behind them, or people trying to steal them when you are parked somewhere.

    e2dwml Loaded Pockets

    I'm totally in for some EDCF stickers!!
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    Norse Scots Loaded Pockets

    :dance: stickers!!!!!!!!!!!!! :dance:
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