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EDCF Challenge Coin Leather Holder

Discussion in 'EDCF Branded Gear' started by ElectricSun, Dec 3, 2012.

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    ac7ss Loaded Pockets

    He has gotten backlogged from the holidays. He may be having other issues.

    olstudios Loaded Pockets

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    hunter s gatherer EDC Junkie!!!

    Interested. But I would like a bi-fold badge style wallet. Coin mounted on one side and an ID mount on the other side. Or mount the edc patch. Or a card pocket.
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    JonSidneyB Uber Prepared

    I can't sell these :( . I got a feeling I am going to take big hit on these. Also I kind of needed them earlier than this.

    The pouch on the left is the sample that I made the order from. The one on the right is how they came. I almost put them on the store but something didn't look right. The sample obviously has better stitching, and is much nicer.



    It is hard to tell from this photo but the coin will not push down into the pouch.

    leather3.jpg ]

    These are smaller in all dimensions. I am really glad I didn't put them on the store and ship them out.


    If the knife sheaths are not any better I am taking a huge loss.
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    KAMM Loaded Pockets

    Lucky leathers makes me so angry!!!
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    Myth90045 Loaded Pockets

    That sucks Jon. I'm sorry to hear about that

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    Quixotica Loaded Pockets

    You shouldn't have to lose money on a product that doesn't serve the one simple purpose it's supposed to. Dude needs to give you a refund on these, big time. He should take the loss, not you. Especially if you paid for the quality of the first one and got that abomination in return.
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    thePlumbah Meowderator

    When can we officially start calling them Yucky Leathers? lol

    Maybe after this
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    keeper Loaded Pockets

    Did Jon have to prepay for the coin holders and knife sheaths? I don't understand why he has to take a hit for defective products. Why is the forum still doing business with someone who created such a pre order disaster with the origional leather order?
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    Shaide Loaded Pockets

    It looks like different ppl made these two. Jon can't really be expected to have to pay when you look at the sample and then the "real" item.
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    rickboone Loaded Pockets

    No way I'd pay for that. I'd demand a refund or a fixed product. That is insane.
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    AK Adventurer Ice, Ice, Tigre

    If all of the current batch are close to identical, I'd say it looks like he hand made the one, and farmed out the production of the rest to a seperate/cheap company(can anyone say cheap china labor?)That die stamped and machine stitched them...

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    EndlessFields Loaded Pockets

    You are WAY more patient than I would be in this same situation. If a product I ordered came that far different from what I thought I was buying, I would be demanding a refund not an exchange for more product. Obviously the manufacturer has decided to sacrifice quality in order to produce quantity. This is a mark of a manufacturer I would no longer do business with IMHO. Not trying to be disrespectful with this post, just stating some opinions. Do what you will, but I personally would not tie up any of my money in trying to correct this. I'd call it done, apologize to anybody who wanted a coin holster. Refund anybody who paid for one. Get your money back from the manufacturer and not waste any more time or money on it.
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    stax Loaded Pockets

    Sucky Leathers gets my vote.

    Quixotica Loaded Pockets

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    hunter s gatherer EDC Junkie!!!

    Yeh, the price of beef, chicken, and pork has gone up. Either there is a shortage of leather or Lucky is "right sizing" the product like the ketchup bottles and all the other stuff that has shrunk in size and still costs the same (or more)!
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    Crew Loaded Pockets

    What ever became of this? If I had the EDCF stamp logo, I have a 1T press and could make these pretty easily, checking the sizes for each to ensure fitment.

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    OreoGaborio Loaded Pockets

    :censored:-ty leathers.

    From what I've seen & read on this forum, that guy is a complete piece of garbage.
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    thePlumbah Meowderator

    Jon has some of these leftovers in the Forum Store now. He only got part of what was paid for and needs to sell them to recoup some of his capitol.

    Plus he's already got a deal lined up a EDCF Member who produces leather products to sell through the Forum Store.
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    OreoGaborio Loaded Pockets

    It really is a shame that Jon doesn't have the means to take Lameass Leathers to small claims court. He'd mop the floor with him and show him just how UN lucky he is.