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Can't post pictures

Discussion in 'FAQs + How To' started by tangman, Jan 9, 2013.

    tangman Empty Pockets

    went to dotphoto.com, created an account, posted a picture and linked it to a message and all I get is a little icon in the left corner of the text box. Can't figure it out!!
    • In Omnia Paratus

    tinker gnome Loaded Pockets

    Your photo in the "Test" thread didn't show up first. Then I right-clicked on the icon on "show picture" and was redirected to your Account at dotphoto.com. Your pic shows a Spyderco plain SS dragonfly and some rounds.

    The image hosters show several means to create links differently. When you create a new post, click on "more options" in the right down corner. "Compose" your post and try several forms of links mentioned. Click on "Preview", wait a moment for loading, use the one that shows your picture.

    Good Luck, and Welcome to EDCForums! :)