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Bark River Production Schedule 2012 (Updated 12/03/2012-O_C)

Discussion in 'Bark River Request Lists' started by Okie_Chick, Apr 19, 2012.

    Okie_Chick Loaded Pockets

    Production Schedule has been updated 11/22/12 by Okie_Chick
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    Happy Thanksgiving Bobby:) Ummm...thanks for teaching us how to grow corn!? lol jk!
    Hope you and your family have a great thanksgiving!

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    Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!

    Here's wishing you and your family a glorious day with one another today to celebrate, fellowship, and enjoy a great meal!!
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    Production Schedule had been update today: 12/03/2012 by Okie_Chick

    Canadian Special A-2 - Short Fill In run - Delivered

    Micro-Canadian II - 154CM Delivered

    New Woodland Special - S35VN - Bolster - Delivered

    Little Creek - A-2 - Delivered

    Bravo-1.5 S35VN PIC Delivered

    Bravo-1.5 3V PIC - Delivered

    New Rising Wolf - S35VN - In Assembly

    Nessmuk short Run - A-2 Delivered

    Scandi - In Assembly (* * *out by X-mas)

    Giant Santoku - S35VN - Delivered

    New Kitchen Petty CPM154 - Delivered

    Trailbuddy - Fill In A-2 - Delivered

    Little Creek - CPM3V - Delivered

    Little Creek - CPM154 - in Surface Grinding

    Grasso Bolo - II - 5160 PIC Delivered

    Grasso Bolo III - 5160 PIC In Surface Grinding

    City Knife CPM154- In Surface Grinding

    STS-4 - 154 CM - In Blade Grinding

    Highland Special CPM D-2 -Delivering

    Ultra Light Bushcrafter - CPM 3V - In Blade Grinding

    Bravo-1.5 A-2 PIC In Surface Grinding - First 220

    Bravo-1 A-2 Fill - 1000+ in Water Jet Cutting

    Rogue - In Water Jet cutting (.235+ A-2)

    Grasso Bolo - I - 5160 PIC - In Surface Grinding

    Classic Drop Point Hunter A-2 Fill In (500) In Water Jet Cutting

    Bravo-1.5 A-2 500 more PIC In Water Jet Cutting

    Bravo 1.5 A-2 - Field Knife Version - In Water Jet Cutting

    Bravo 1 A-2 Field Knife Version In Water Jet Cutting

    BJK Model 1-7 - In Water Jet Cutting

    BJK Model 14 - In Water Jet Cutting

    BJK Model 125 - In Water Jet Cutting

    Essential M-4

    Essential II CPM 3V

    Bravo 1-Field Knives 3V

    Bravo-1.5 Field Knives 3V

    Pro Thrower 1075

    Trailmate - CPM 3V

    Gameskeeper - Montana Guide CPM 4V

    Bushcrafter - 3V

    Bravo-II 3V

    Lil' Canadian CPM3V

    Gameskeeper II - Montana Guide II - Maybe CPM 4V ?

    Bravo-III 3V (.275" + 3V)

    Kephart 5 3V

    STS-2 154CM

    Pro-Scalpel II - Steel In House (.170+" A-2)

    Wilderness Explorer S35VN (Full Tang River's Edge Style)

    Pro Series Brush Knife A-2 PIC

    Rogue Bowie II - Steel Ordered (.265-A-2)

    Mikro-Canadian A-2

    Scagel Small Hunter & Bowie A-2

    Canadian Camp Knife II (.235" A-2)


    Canadian Sportsman A-I - 154CM

    Pioneer 8

    BJK 14-8 Attack Knife

    Mini Special Hunting Knife

    Moro Barong

    Grasso Bolo Basic - A-2 PIC

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