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Discussion in 'MultiTools and Other Pocket Tools' started by Soulriot, Nov 1, 2012.

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    SecretMember Loaded Pockets

    Tell me more about this custom alox and how I want one...
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    misterS EDC Junkie!!!!!

    If you review this thread, there is a lot of info on Syph's Custom Aloxes...pics too:)
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    Narcosynthesis Loaded Pockets

    Ditto for me - the first place I ever saw one in real life.

    Amusingly the one I bought was the 'target green' one that seems to be getting more desirable now, though I only discovered that after carrying it for a year... not so desirable now I guess...
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    rickinFL Loaded Pockets


    Hoping to send this one off for some additional tools.
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    KAMM Loaded Pockets

    Copy cat! ;) what tools you gonna get?
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    Quixotica Loaded Pockets

    I got an Alox Cadet in the gift exchange, and I tend to get sentimental when I get an awesome gift, so now... I'll always remember my first Alox! ;)

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    Vesp Loaded Pockets

    ^That is really cool! :) The first Alox is something special. ;)
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    Idaho Gunslinger Loaded Pockets

    First, but certainly not last. The Pox spreads...
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    Si_K Loaded Pockets

    You never forget your first...
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    KAMM Loaded Pockets

    I want my SAKs engraved! That's so cool!
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    Quixotica Loaded Pockets

    It cost me almost as much to engrave it as the SAK probably cost, but you can't put a price tag on the warm fuzzy it gives!
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    Bigdaddyrooster Loaded Pockets

    That is beautiful, O and the knife is too.
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    Blitzwing Loaded Pockets

    Damnit, I'd know I would regret not signing up for that.

    PBJS II Loaded Pockets

    There is just something about an ALOX that the old Red scale VICs can't match!

    But I can't allow my Cadet to wallow around in change or bump around with my flashlight!
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    bigfatton Loaded Pockets

    A friend of mine found an Alox Solo (I think that's what it's called, it just had the one knife and it was very slim) on the bus. It was a little beat up, but I think Alox looks great with some age. I have a blue Farmer that I carried for a while and I think it has worn pretty well. Didn't find mine on the bus though, sadly, Felinevet is to thank for mine.
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    rickinFL Loaded Pockets

    Combo tool

    Looking at the photo again thinking of replacing saw with pliers.
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    sungame Loaded Pockets

    One of these?[IMG]

    Yep, that's a Solo! I absolutely agree that the alox scales age pretty well, in contrast to the plastic ones that just get scratched and dirty.
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    hiljentaa Loaded Pockets

    Man, the old simple cross logo is so much better than the new shield logo...

    rickinFL Loaded Pockets

    Wel, the alox is on it's way back out of the country for some magic.

    batteur Loaded Pockets

    I’m incubating.

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