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Accessory Testers Needed

Discussion in 'Tom Bihn' started by TOM BIHN Crew, Dec 19, 2012.

    jacobwilson99 Loaded Pockets

    Prescribed. These are gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. Simple and gorgeous.

    Did I mention they're gorgeous??
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    jacobwilson99 Loaded Pockets

    Got these in the mail. They're pretty nifty. Definitely well-made. Definitely useful.
    My only concern is of the strength of the socket mechanism. It flexes as I pull. I probably couldn't pull it out,
    but while walking around, I wonder how much dynamic force would be required to tank it out.

    Also, I agree with the above posters that anything below 8inches is too small and above 14inches is too big. Maybe a 10-11 incher?

    Thanks again!

    ArnieJB EDC Junkie!!!

    I just got this pouch too and it clips nicely to the d-ring in one of the pockets of my TAD Ranger Hoodie! Great for carrying business cards, ID, room card keys or credit cards!
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    thePlumbah Meowderator

    jacobwilson99 Loaded Pockets

    EDCF inception! :eek:
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    TOM BIHN Crew Loaded Pockets

    Thanks for the feedback! Based on everyone's suggestions, we're definitely going to make a "middle" length version, though it won't be available for a couple of weeks. Are you thinking you'd use this strap as an exterior strap? We'd probably design an exterior use strap differently, though it would take quite a bit of force to make these parts fail. See the post by ac7ss here. The Tool Strap is designed for use inside of a bag; don't think you'll have to worry about it somehow having it yanked apart in there?

    Quixotica Loaded Pockets

    McDonald's? Sorry about your colon :D
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    catfishdan Loaded Pockets

    Where does one get one of these small pocket things (SPT)? I don't see them on the website bit I would love one to keep my MT in my Synapse.
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    ac7ss Loaded Pockets

    Drop them an E-mail. It was part of the test program.
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    Kevin Piol Loaded Pockets

    I know it's probably too late but I thought I would throw out my interest just in case. Getting my new bag today and I know ill be testing what I can and cannot do with it. If any more "testing" is needed on anything please consider me! Thanks!

    DonRob Loaded Pockets

    Thanks to you folks at TB for sending the tool strap my way. I just came back from a three week long trip using just my tristar. Since I wasn't taking clippable items with me (like a knife/tool) I was using it as an extension for my TB clear wallet. In general it works well in this role, although a D-ring on the end might work better (but would then not work for pocket clips). This is something that confused me about the previous keystraps, they don't work very well with your pockets and accessories because you have to clip to end clips together. I used the new one in the middle of the three small zip pockets on the tristar to be able to pull the TB wallet out and access ATM cards and folded cash. I really liked it in this role.

    One other thought I had was that it would be awesome if you guys offered something like the clear wallet, but in a size that would fit a boarding pass. I have a large clear organizer too, which is great for unfolded 8.5x11" papers, but something smaller would be more useful as a travel wallet.

    I had 4 accessories in those front three pockets: one of your long ballistic nylon pouches in the small tristar pocket, where it held pens and a sharpie. It's perfectly sized as a pen pouch and fits just prefectly in this pocket.

    In the mid-sized pocket I kept the wallet on the tool strap, and the Surprise! as well with business cards. Finally in the tall pocket I kept a google nexus 7 in your kindle padded pouch.

    This is really a great setup, because you can whip these pouches out quickly to get a pen, or an ATM card, or your tablet, but nothing falls out as they stay attached to the bag. Great stuff!
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    TOM BIHN Crew Loaded Pockets

    Thanks, everyone, for your feedback. The Utility Strap is now available for order. More lengths and varieties will follow....
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